Ready, Set, BOTS!!: Rising to the Challenge of Engineering

If you recall the 1998-2004 TV show, “Robot Wars”, then something like this may look familiar:

Classic 90's Robot Wars

Pic from A classic Robot from from the 90’s, when tenacity had no soul!

Chainsaws, ejecting and retractable prods, spinning hammers, and all types of medieval and modern weaponry thwarted these home-made robots into the arena with one objective: PREVAIL AS CHAMPION!! The science of these constructions is engineering. Engineering helps solve problems and helps things work together as a unit (my self-definition). The calculus of these final constructions dictate success or not; whether the output was optimized or not. I’m a writer first, then, a fan of knowledge, and then a bunch of other things after that. Considering that I exude knowledge through writing, perhaps I am a fan of knowledge first? Either way, my disposition states my relating knowledge and writing. I was heading into my night class that was two hours and fourty-five minutes long and I see a large concession sign. I thought that an event had been held in the new EC3 center in Elizabethtown, KY (where most of my regional WKU classes are held), but was informed upon inquiry that there would be a robotics competition on 2/7/2015 from 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM EST. I put the verbal invitation in my pocket (actually on the top of a page of notes I would later take during class!).


Photo taken by Harrison Isom

This center enables HS students to college credits after passing certain prerequisites. At WKU fall ‘2014, I met a young lady that was a first year college student and a sophomore, due to her college credits earned while in HS (30). This ambitious CIA employed seeker, is now going to be a triple major in the same four years that many college student will earn one degree! Inside this building, banner’s dripped spirit from respective Hardin County High Schools and Middle Schools in Competition; none more feared that my school of Alum, Central Hardin High School. Upward the stairs, tables freckled the floor with hand-made robots, both compacted and erect like towers. Straight ahead was the Game-Zone.

Travis Yates Interview

Me and my inquisition fell me into the expertise of a young man’s grand-father. The subject of our discussion was 7th Grader, Travis Yates.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was pleased to be able to get the competitive engineer’s attention post-face-off. He was humble in telling me that his partner, Matthew V. did most of the construction for the robot, while he helped with the motor (as far as engineering is concerned). I observed becoming traits from Travis: a regal humbleness, and honor to display his skills, from a thunderful competitor (his competitiveness was told to me by his Grandfather). I noticed that Travis’ robot was pivoting for a couple of seconds and asked him what challenges he faced during his driving in competition arena. He replied that a wheel wasn’t responding to the control request. This can be seen at 0:53 seconds. in the above video. Travis remains back in action as he still has atleast four games guaranteed in the Round Robin’ style, Tournament play. I asked Travis what sparked his interest in the mechanics of robot engineering. He responded that he used to hold a flashlight while his dad would work on automobiles; this is a humble beginning for a strong aficionado.

Travis Yates and Mathew v's robot, 534, at the VEX competition at Etown's IC3 building in 2015.

Travis Yates and Mathew v’s robot, 534, at the VEX competition at Etown’s IC3 building in 2015.

Grant and Clay- Robot 5454F

Travis Yates also told me that in the future he would like to study engineering; so would I, at perhaps a Master’s or PhD level. If not, I like to intrigue myself on the theories of engineering. I step out of the arena area and see  the white sign I saw Thursday night, CONCESSIONS. The best part of the concession was the affordable prices. I was led by Travis’ Grandmother to see him again, she was pointing to a monument of a robot that pronounced terror among debted competitors. I spoke shortly with Travis about the scoring system before I met two students from ECS or Elkhorn Crossing Schools. I found out that the engineers and robot builders were not too engulfed with the name of their machines, in fact, one team from ECS mentioned that they were not allowed (by their faculty instructor) to name their robot, which makes sense to me. I spoke with Grant Henderson, whom was a fourth year VEX competitor and HS sophomore and another one of his three teammates, Clay Hicks. The two were quick to tell me that competing in VEX tournaments was a team effort. Grant was the Chief Strategist and Builder/Designer and Clay was the programmer and driver. Clay explained to me how these machines are made from scratch.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Currently, I am studying HTML5 coding, and extra points in the VEX competition are awarded for the best ‘Autonomis’. Autonomis is when the robot acts according to a computer code that was programmed for it. What happens exactly is that the code for ‘Autonomis’ is downloaded to the Robot’s ‘brain’ with a USB. Then the ‘brain’ is synced with the controller by a ‘tether-cord’. From there, it’s remote controlling and execution in the arena. Grant and Clays blueprint plans were in the hands of judges in hopes of winning the, “Award for Excellency”. In the past the two had won  2 tournaments and a Judges Award. I would guess that they will win more than that in the future to come. Take a look at how their robotic machine works, in action!

Finally, I’m back at the concession stand. “Can I have a hotdog?”. They were not ready. $1.00 for a hotdog, sure. I’ll wait. Meantime, I see three amigos in familiar blue shirts. They turned out to be Elkhorn students too. The team functioned like the others team, and are competing for a common goal, engineered supremacy and championship. Through lateral conversation, I discovered that this team gotten a bid to state earlier this season. So they are competing for more accolades today. Aaron Wesley was the controller, Michael Law a builder, and Maddie Wood, the coder, to say the least. This was their 5th year competing in VEX Robotics competitions. They truly dominated by a wide margin at this game, and it is too bad that my amateur leaf came into my writing domain tonight, because I do not have their video. If I do find it, then I will post it. Sorry guys, if you’re reading.

So, even though I am a business student, I know that engineering and architecture holds keys to the formatting of the physical future. All the students mentioned in this article said that they would like to or plan to study engineering in post-secondary school. Today, they all Rose to the Challenge of Engineering.

Harrison Isom signing off!!

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My Eyes Decieve Me

Astronomy was a fascinating class; difficult, yet a satisfying finish. I learned about the phenomena of perceived sight as well as the minutely precisioned pivotal points of space telescopes, like the Hubble, called arcsecs. An arcsec is 1/3600 of a single degree angle.

This is a most-famous image taken from the ever-so slightly pivotal space telescope called, The Hubble Space Telescope. The resolution of this picture of distant galaxies was taken at 0.05 arcsecs.

When taking pictures, space telescopes have very fractional margin for movement, in consideration to their targets of photo that are often tens of 1000’s of light-years away. One false move, and blurry goes the picture. The human eye is enabled to perceive light from the sun. Without going into a chemistry (combustion/fission) and astro-spill, photons are produced by the sun. Humans do not see light merely. Humans receive protons in order to process light; this is the general scientific consensus of explaining human sight.

The Theory of Never Feeling Me (Rhymes with Theory of Relativity)

I could be fresh out of the shower, dressed up to produce an event, or maybe going to play golf. I’ll think to myself, “Hey. I look pretty good. Really good, actually.” Snap! A picture taken, maybe by my mom, a friend, sibling, or colleague. Sometimes I may say solicit the photo to be taken, “Hey, take a picture of me. I’m feeling pretty good.” Now here’s the phenomena. I look a these photos and often-times have snuffed. What happened? I could have sworn I looked like a quarter-million dollars. Whats with the down-grade? Let me check again. Okay, that’s me; there, in the mirror. And yes, I do look like a quarter-million bucks. I was telling some students at the University about my perplexing observation.

During my discussion:

Elementarily, the brain controls the functions of the body. So what controls the brain? I say the soul, intuition, or survivalists instinct. A student that is from the Magnet school, Gatton Academy, was chiming in on the conversation I was having with a lower classman. The Gatton student assumed that perhaps man could instinctively perceive himself to look better than actually, in order to encompass the courage to pursue a mate. This is a stifling assumption. I knew that my eyes were manipulating these ‘photons’ or nodes of enabled perception, yet I did not know why. How could I look so good in the mirror and not look as great in an actual photo? Do I look as handsome to other people? I could not know unless I draft a survey; the latter, I have not and will not (in order to spare my ego the blow!).

The Gatton Academy student had a great point. In 2014, a Gatton student score perfect on his/her SAT; truly for that student the sky is the limit. I doubt I was in his presence of feedback being that this student was still attending Gatton. Maybe someone else has experienced the phenomena I call, the Theory of Never Feeling Me. If so, let me know in the comment section.

Cal of Calamity

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The Answers in Front of Me

I’m thinking money. Funds. The fundraising of money to sustain a goal I have. I packed my planner and head to a bar I knew wouldn’t be in party mode in the early afternoon. That morning, I had just passed the mile mark on my jog and looked right at a glaring marquee above E-town’s, Historic State Theater. I caught a staff member headed into the building and took receipt of an invite inside to scope a venue for an event I have in mind. The sun not yet peeking, I still bled beads of sweat on the blue, thin carpet inside. I’d take the informative documents I collected and stuff them in my shoe, later to unravel them at a private table in Los Chalupas, my place of planning for the mid-day. I order a tallboy to supplement my exerts; perhaps the barley’d give me some protein. The complimentary chips and salsa certainly made for a nice filler.

I jotted, outlined, and literately brainstormed until I felt compelled to close my journal and check out the one of the best baseball players of my day, Derek Jeter, play his last MLB All-Star game, on the Latin-themed pub’s television. Now on the relax, a young man sits a couple of tables from me. Sports theory conversation, and general sports talk were volleyed back and forth, and eventually, I got acquainted with the Geologist based in Texas named, Nick. Me meeting a Geologist was far more intriguing than watching my favorite baseball team’s star player making his permanent exit from the game of baseball. Derek Jeter has established a book publishing company, perhaps he and I shall have much business to discuss in the near future.

Nick and I had sparse conversation over the distance of short tables and chairs, then exchanged phone numbers for when he would come back to Elizabethtown, I could show him some dining and entertainment spots. Before I left he and I talked about the job market, concerning career progression, and I noted from his experience, the importance of networking. I am to connect with a Geologist to swing golf clubs at the driving range of my local golf resort in less than a week! This is an exciting and big deal to me. As a business student, I get to further observe the microeconomics of a Geologist’s choice to study the lands, as infer upon the macroeconomics (concentrated) of Geologists’ necessary contributions to global progression and sustainment.

He and I acquaint with the parlor as I familiarize him with the parameters of our meeting place. I show him to the allocated driving range, and heave my vintage golf clubs out from my trunk; the irons chyme an amateurs tune on the way to the driving deck.

Interview with Nick the Geologist

I ask Nick why he wanted to become a Geologist. Was there a fascination that emanated from his youth?

Nick replied that he had taken a Geology course in college that he enjoyed. He stated directly in context, “[I] don’t want to be punching around the keys”. Field work is a major aspect for Geology professionals, and this Geologist did not find a cubicle job ideal.

Nick earned his Baccalaureate Degree from Cal State University and his Graduate Degree from Auburn University. After Nick mentioned that he was proclitive to a job such as a forest ranger (while in school) where he can be outside for occupation, I found that it was my safe assumption that his travels were a perk.

Nick’s Job of a Geologist

Nick was in Kentucky supervising an operation that consisted of “core drilling”. Core drilling is a common method for mineral exploration. Nick’s company, Lehigh Hanson, conduct mining in Kentucky for usable material. 50% of surface rocks in Kentucky are limestone ( The mission of Lehigh Hanson produces concrete, asphalt, aggregates, clay bricks and more. After Nick’s team extracts the limestone that had been mind for, the sample is tested. The testing process for limestone  adhere to ASTM Standards and follow four main steps:

  • LA Abrasion
  • ASCMC 128, 131
  • Sulfate Magnesium Test
  • Test for Specific Gravity

Perhaps the largest factor in determining that limestone (or other grounded, minable materials) are not usable is Alkalie Silicone Reaction or ASR. Nick elaborated that in concrete testing a “rock [could] take in too much water and break apart”. I infer that using material with a high Alkalie Silicone Reaction could result in a liability to the manufacturer if any damages were to occur to a person resulting from this faulty material’s usage in a structure. reports that, in 2007 68% of all crushed rock in the United States was Limestone. Considering that large number, Nick’s tests are imperative to his company’s overall efficiency.

Wzzzzz. My ball jumps off of my four iron an hits the back side of a ground mesa on the driving range, about 170 yds out. Most shots were dead on. I didn’t exactly tell Nick that this is probably my best swinging day of this Golf season, so far; I left a little to imagination. Out comes the waitress with another pale ale for me and a large pizza Nick ordered. I sit back down to talk after zinging another ball toward my mark. Thinking Geologically for lateral conversation, I talked of the fact that the Asian Carp had been found in Kentucky. Asian Carp is a fish that reproduces more quickly than Kentucky Native species. This means that there are more Asian Carp eating more ‘food’ in the same ecosystems of our native fish. This has caused a lot of concerns for fisherman and Kentucky Wildlife enthusiast. I heard that the fish isn’t as good to eat as a primetime Bass or a Kentucky Catfish. In an effort to control this immigrant’s (Asian Carp) population, The Kentucky department of Fish and Wildlife hosted a commercial fishing tournament in Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake on March 12-13, 2013.  The effort to “limit the number of Asian carp swimming in our waters”, relieved out Kentucky waters of over 82,953 pounds of Asian Carp (Source). That’s a lot of fish that could have been affecting our prided Kentucky waters.

A Chariting Guest

Nick an I were joined in company by a physical therapist named Rachel. She put a bug in our ear about her attempts to “cross the line” concerning opening doors of communication in [her] neighborhood.” Rachel spoke of when she had a lake/pond in her community in South Carolina that had been diminishing because of local inhabitant pollution. Her efforts were chartable:

  • Administer a neighborhood group to support the cause
  • solicit for  volunteers and grant writer
  • petition the city for money to help this effort

Rachel’s won a grant from the city for, City Beautification. The $1,500 helped buy equipment, feed her volunteers, and buy chemicals to clean the the barrened lake. She mentioned that when she left this South Carolina community that the support efforts had left with her.

Interview with Nick

Since I have not met a Geologist before Nick, I asked him about his connection with nature.

Nick gave me a leery look, yet a direct answer.  Nick uses good judgement when he’s in the field on the job. Nick will not blatantly kill an animal that isn’t harming him, yet, the jobs must get finished. He told me of a story when a D8 Caterpillar had run over a snake, while his company was clearing land. Whether or not the snake survived is unknown, but Nick tossed a tailed snaked out of the CAT’s path into the woodwork.

While another time, Nick told that he saw a large, poisonous black widow near a toolbox at his home. The Black Widow had to perish at the hands of the dominant species that day. Nick phrased in response to his discernment with wildlife and doing his job that, “I don’t kill things unless I have to.” This young man does well at what I call, administration discernment in regard to company goals.


Nick was now up to the tee-off deck. Not too impressed with my amateur set of clubs, he took a heavy swing that earned his ball a seat at the near 200yd mark, with a 4-iron. Impressive. He took a few more swings and finished with a straight shot that  I lost in the darkening sky, above some trees afar.

I think of how I feel about capitalism and the lesser evil that is, personnel expandability. Nick aspires to establish a career in off-shore drilling. There is big money in that. The Texas-based Geologists is not a fan nor a patron to fracking neither, suggesting that increased earthquakes are a proof of the practice’s harms. As I again prye into how he feels about capitalism in the free market, he replies, “To each his own”.  Surely, Nick is qualified enough to change careers, and having supervisory experience at mining sites will certainly help his chances of becoming an offshore drillingprofessional job. I know this transition of ground-rock mining to oil has been made before. So with Nick, the Geologist and his aspirations for ‘black gold’, he may one way or another acquire that house on the lake, that had been a haven of his youth.

The work-week night is getting late as some cornhole enthusiasts from Virginia, make their way onto the patio. Nick had to get to Home Depot before they closed. He had to pick up some acid. Nick educated, “Acid effervesces if its calcium carbonate”. I told him that my readers would surely know what that means.


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BBQ, Blues, and Bikes

I ride through downtown and see a metal blockade juxtaposed some real estate I’ve been eyeing. I detour and see that another square block has a locked entry into downtown square. I rode around to see what my route back was going to be and see motorcycles lined-up on both sides of the street.


BBQ Blues and Bikes. Photo by Master Isom of

I pull around and park. Peace officers were on every corner like lightposts, by the couple atleast, wearing non standard uniform or attire. They were on the job, as tourists and natives enjoyed the Blues Festival-like day-long event. I could hear some music loud around the corner, a bit behind the Masonic temple; either a live band or a hefty amount of amps and receiver. I walk down the street at see another cove of bikes in the Masonic Temple’s parking lot.


A meticulous motorcycle line-up, on display at the Masonic temple’s parking lot downtown.

Cool bikes. I saw two that were really unique.


One of two cool bikes I saw at Etowns, BBQ Blues and Bikes. Photo by Master Isom’s

This one and this one:


Another cool bike I saw at Etowns, BBQ Blues and Bikes. Photo by Master Isom’s

Steel harmonica’s and southern strings still evaded me. I took the scenic route. There was a big huddle of people, and vendors lined one side of the street. Half way down, I saw a stand (owned by an art shop) selling craft beer; that’s a pretty big deal for a city that has only been selling beer for a couple of years or less, to allow public consumption. I inquired to a stranger for who owned the shop. I had asked the owner. She thought I was a reporter. The entrepreneur went on to tell me about a bourbon-based beer and another specialty I did not try, and the services her art company provides along with some of her future ambitions. The band kept playing.

I avoid a bunch of food stands on my way around the next curve; its summer and a couple of miles are on my to do list tonight.Image

I keep straight and put a flyer from a new diner’s street team in my back pocket. Behold. There’s a stage (I’d guess with capital exceeding $15,000) with Diunna Greenleaf and Blue Mercy warming up. I filmed a bit and took some shots. At some point during the warm up, she waved at me.


Give the Drummer some. Photo by’s, Master Isom.

I find the following song to be strong and tight. A perfect fit for the city’s bluesfest:


Diunna Greenleaf and Blue Mercy made a trip to the Bluegrass State for Etown’s, BBQ Blues and Bikes event.


All four members of Diunna Greenleaf and Blue Mercy, in Elizabethtown, Ky.

Here’s Diunna Greenleaf talking to a stagehand during her soundcheck before her 5:45 p.m. performance, at Elizabethtown’s, BBQ Blues and Bikes event.


The Texas natives, Diunna Greenleaf and Blue Mercy blazed the stage and had the crowd dancing the best they could. The following video was from the actual live set (filmed by

The event lasted until 10:00 p.m. and began before 11:00 a.m.. The bikes were cool, Diunna Greenleaf and Blue Mercy were very nice, and I picked up some solid information. Etown’s event isnt a first and isnt a last. Expect to be on the clock for most of the happening events, where peoples people gather.


Photo by’s, Master Isom.

*Please credit, Master Isom, or Harrison Isom if my photo’s are syndicated. Photos on this page are protected by Creative commons and all rights reserved by*

BBQ, Blues, and Bikes by Master Isom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Email for permission and syndication requests.

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Resilience, Pride, and Facing the Odds

A short essay.

Time goes by, drugs spend brain cells, and an occasional Annheiser & Busch drink bides my time and keep me objective. As you discover that any recreation is available and afterwards, you have to return to the life you have made or are paving for yourself, there is a solemn reality that is faced. You may observe someone in a defeat-us circumstance, or the same person that has a justified pride that you do not understand.  That was not worded perfectly. Let me rephrase. Some people are not disposed to success, yet know they can achieve among top grossers given the opportunity and considering their achievements, against the odds.


My state has been (in 2014) studying and trying to fix the chances of going to prison for inherently poor African-Americans (over 30% [ video production]). Without me getting too personally involved, I’ll convey this probability: I could point to a youth in my neighborhood and have a great chance that the young African-American I pointed at going to prison before he/she is 25. Certainly you have heard of these cliches, still they are very real to me. For some of these young people facing these odds, it is easier to get involved in unsavory acts before being given a safe alternative to a lifestyle. Example: “Hey, instead of me serving dope in your house, how about I give you the stuff and you sell it.” The latter is a chronic circumstance that may happen everyday. Keeping consistent with my article, some of these facers may choose to be an outlier and not subject to criminal penalty; thus identifying my prideful demographic.

*on a live and related segue*

I was watching a show, Jimmy Kimmel interviewing Shaine Woodley, (I was watching to see the hilarious, UNNECESSARY CENSORSHIP segment that didnt air; this must have been a rerun) and I noticed that there was a video production excerpt featuring his interviewee. Within that was a writer’s implemented character development. The characters in the American mainstream, fiction production (surprise, surprise) were in late teens and Caucasian young adults. As any writer would implement, they had their own problems. The scene was set in a driveway with these teens. A nice sporty car, and what I’d say was a neighborhood with a mean house price of about a quarter million dollars. I notice right away that this depiction is entertainment, and my mind operates that I should remain objective and note realism and production value from this depictions (I like to study). For a disadvantage person, the scene depicts something that is not attainable immediately; the nice cars and homes as a young adult. It would be a travesty for a trying [for success] disadvantaged onlooker to change their priorities of making a better future by thinking, “These characters are about my age. I want to get a car like that.” The latter quote suggests to the viewer a change of priorities.
Having a gut feel for success, or an innate ability to be, charisma, is not a guarantee walk-in for a job interview. Nor is it a teller to avoid the perils of inherent distress. Me, I have avoided a lot of trouble that was right in my front yard. I was not that young man writing about what was going on either. I kept my arm strong, let my name be known, and played the game by the book. You could say I’m a little late getting where I should be, yet:
  • I cannot help where I was born (nor)
  • Change the circumstances under which I was conceived.

Resilience and Pride

People love the Cinderella Stories; Stories of people beating the odds and embodying greatness. Succeeding is harder for people with no direction at home. If you did not know, the easiest thing to do when young, with not too sound advice and out of emotion, is making a bad decision. In my case, this was at about age ten to eleven. So, I cannot revel in a bad decision. I have to conclude that my decision(s) was right and lead me to the path that will breed me the lifestyle that will make me ultimately happy. This is pride. A pride that I am forced to defend. I’m defending the underprivileged and the people that make the right choices to succeed against the odds.

Superficial reproach lies with the facer. Becoming a victim is for the foul, so keep your plate full or stay in shape.

And don’t forget, you may see people that are super successful. Take into account that they most likely had something working in their favor (parents, a friend, or geographic location), so don’t get down on yourself for what you hand no hand in making.

This is the Iceman signing out.

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Who Desegregated the South, Before the Great Society?

My mind was full of energy after I knocked the flu out in the second round. I’m back to the phone calls, scheduling meetings, and things that make me appreciate my skills. So as my day winds to an end, I am aface with and beginning to appreciate astronomy more. My in depth outline and quantitative reviews of this, space, lodged me into a deep night that would show me the sunrise. My energy would remain at high, all night. My reception peaked about midway through a public broadcasting.

Civil Rights rings synonymous to Dr. Martin Luther King’s name. Dr. King, he earned his PhD. in Systematic Theology in 1955 (Brown, Mitchell. Louisiana State University, 2013) ; he was well educated. So, who is responsible for getting the Deep South desegregated, protected, and acknowledged by the federal government? During the John F. Kennedy administration, some collaborators of the SCLC, the desegregation agenda, and predominantly college students, put together a trip through the south to exercise human rights and racial equality. These activists called themselves, and are famously known as, The Freedom Riders. The trek was planned to go from D.C. through the south, all the way to Louisiana. Concisely, the first two bus fulls were greeted very flagrantly.

The first bus of Freedom Fighters was assaulted and destroyed by a type of molotov type explosive when it reached Birmingham city limits.

A representative of the federal government, by the order the president J.F. Kennedy, had to charter a plane to save the Freedom Riders’ lives. As he sits snug in his hotel room like a “good little errand boy” after a job well done, he gets a call from the attorney general, Bobby Kennedy saying, “Who the hell is Diane Nash (University of Fisk student)?”. It turned out that more activists were ready to come to Bama from Tennessee. The rep in charge of neutralizing the Freedom Riders called her. He says that she calmly told him, (in rebuttal to his aggressive demands that she and her group do not proceed) that she’s aware that people may die during their peaceful demonstrations, yet they have all signed their final will and testament [literally] and will be in Birmingham in the morning.

The racist Alabama governor, Patterson was even scared of the bigot mayor, Bull Conner. So, the Fisk wave of Freedom Rider’s were greeted with violence when they got to Birmingham as well as the Federal representative, on the president’s behalf, beaten. After international media exposure of these inequalities, President Kennedy was forced to provide the Riders with protection on their trip; he arranged for 400 US Marshalls (actually postal workers, misc. fed workers, and potential biggots themselves) to be in bama in the morning. Tension diffused to above mild. Under the cover of the wounded and now protected, King led a church meeting hosting about 1,500 (mostly black) supporters. They were agressed by stones being thrown through the church window and a mob of over a hundred wildly menacing native heathens. King phoned Bobby Kennedy, Kennedy called the governor, then the governor signed for Martial Law; hence King’s 1963 March on Washington and more of his public positions.

Dr. Martin Luther King took a blow to his stature from his students and brethren shortly after this martial demonstration. It was deemed imperative by the Freedom Fighters, and their council, including King himself, that the Freedom rides must continue into Mississippi, which would present another form of adversity for the riders. MLK’s loss of stature among these demonstrators was due to him rejecting the opportunity to ride the bus to Mississippi. It was alleged among the brave riders that Dr. King spoke of himself as a Jesus-type deity and that he regarded himself above the rest of them. Therefore, they were triggered to mockingly call him “Lordy”; as if he were indeed the Lord he allegedly portrayed. To be clear, King refused to go on the trips because he was on probation. Julian bond pointed, in the documentary interview I saw, that many of the Freedom Riders had been arrested more times that King and were on “probation on top of probations” (assumingly over sit-ins and unfair and unjust arrests). After the success of telling his church-packed throng at the First Baptist Church in Birmingham that Martial Law had been enacted, he certainly had the stars of a potential political future to fondle his gaze. Good-night, Dr. King.

Here is a link to the larger picture below, of the scene after martial law was signed into action.


This was the scene in 1961 outside of a packed First Baptist Church in Birmingham Alabama, after Governor Patterson signed for Martial Law; he gave the documents to a National Guard Colonel.

Do not think that JFK was the man with the agenda to promote racial equality in America’s entirety, because thats not what he wanted. JFK wanted the racial issue in the south to go away; not to hear about it; not to have to deal with it. President Kennedy had a very big problem to deal with: The Cold War with the Soviet Union. After the bandwagon affect of the latter hoards of Freedom Riders, and international exposure on how blacks were treated in America, he had to propose and support racial equality legislation. JFK avoided racial inequality and segregation in the south during the time it was perhaps, the most needed. Maybe responding to a forced hand is the reason why the magic bullet segregated his vision. After a review of an informative and credible documentary, I do conclude that the actual Civil Rights Heroes (concerning desegregation in the south) were the first two buses of the Freedom Riders, and then the Fisk University riders that took it upon themselves to come after, to the south.

The White House and the Great Society (In short)

The old hound dog being led by a proud young boy, was Lyndon B. Johnson. The older man was nearly ashamed to be VP was nearly ashamed of his capacity juxtaposed the young, John F. Kennedy. Lyndon was the signer of the the many benefits , in law, that came to the blacks in America. This package deal was called the Great Society. Some of these ideals were on the Kennedy agenda, yet he was gunned down before he could put these into action. President Johnson did not win an election that year, he succeeded his deceased predecessor. Today, most blacks and minorities are Democrat. Around the 1950’s, my prior note is today’s antithesis. So, when Lyndon B. Johnson was heard saying, on Air Force One, “I’ll have those Niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years” (as documented in Ronald Kessler’s, “Inside the White House”), he has already delivered on about a quarter of indenture. I do not know exactly why JFK had to die in ’63. Let your imagination build a House of Cards and assume the old hound dog to be the Kevin Spacey of the operation.

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Living in Real Life

Tonight, I hosted an event at the Towne Mall called, Cultural Awareness and Diversity, with Music. It was a public education event. Let me make this clear. I like to write. Not type inparticular, write. You know, writing. Pencils and pens on paper. Why do I mention this? I’ll get to that in a moment. My show was a success. Applauds and cheers abound myself and my performers. This was the hand I had in setting up the show:

  • I wrote the script and researched the data with hard facts; all sources cited.
  • I created a prop table tri-panel display for patrons.
  • I cleared the red-tape with the paperwork required for my performers and the mall venue. (Performer Liaison)
  • I set up all the equipment myself.
  • Layed out soundtrack background music for intros
  • Head of audio
  • head of video
  • personally performed four culture edifying songs
  • Host/announcer/Mc/narrator
  • stagehand

Of course it was my show, so all of this was what I wanted to do. I did the show because I felt the need to keep myself busy inbetween semesters and felt the need to give myself a more comprehensive responsibility. So what’s my gripe? My video feed did not come through fluent. My feed was disrupted a couple of times throughout the show. I used my back-up camera to record video from a tri-pod, and my entire event was not filmed. I feel slighted. I cant say, “hey check out my last show. It was great. I posted it online”. There was no possible way for me to supervise the filming while narrating, assisting, and performing. Still, I will supplement the lack of a fluent feed with tangible reports on the event from multiple aspects, for documentation.
This is repulsive. The very idea is less than me. I host a successful event and contribute to 100% of the coordination for booking and the overall success at the very respectable venue. Imagine that I feel I have to get on the internet, social media, and tell people about the success of my event. Think that I have to do this in order to seek some validation for what I know was a success and what I know actually occurred. The fact I do not have video footage (I haven’t yet looked to see what I actually got on film) to mean that I have to scrounge for proofs that I was even there. Me. Using my internet time to make an impression on people that arent a benefactor. I do wish that I had the video so that a potential benefactor could look at my previous works and feel comfortable backing me. Still, any investor worth their tongue in salt would read my reports I’ll put together documenting the event, along with some stills.

So the event was fine and beyond the cheers and aweful hastenings of attention, I was most pleased when a woman told me good job tonight and “I actually learned something”. She actually learned something. This proved the success for me. This was a public education event. Certainly, my acts and myself were entertaining to watch. The woman gaining some knowledge of our area’s diversity in culture by being at my event proves that my research and event hosting delivery was affective.

This thing called social media. I want to get online and enjoy myself. Or get on the internet and research, compile data, and fashion it into something entertaining or in otherways beneficial. The thought that I would need to not only keep my real-life goals an order of the day, but I would need to update social networks as a daily activity in order to make sure I don’t slip through the crevice of interpretive stature, is an insult to my actual person. I never had to try to be anything I am not. And for me to be all that I am and have to scrounge the afterbirth of my creative conceptions (video and photos that I have to take myself, for that matter) in order to have a say in a trendy conversation, or prove to people entertaining themselves online that I actually see my real face in the mirror, is less than me.

I appreciate the talents that were involved in my, Cultural Awareness and Diversity, with Music, event. I am also glad that the purpose of the event was instilled. People learned something. As another potential success looks up to me from this notebook with my signature in it, I conclude my message. I am glad to say somebody learned something at my event, most of all.

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