Shorftall of Intention

I disagree with the intro; consumers ultimately buy the artist, the music’s strictly intrigue. Conner needs to find some originality, because conclusively, he’s not something that people want to be. He touches on the elite’s minimal observations and still conveys to be a mere peasant. The rapper’s being too common as appearing to be wanting something he shouldnt rightfully attain; listen to the content as the rapper explains his deservedness to be acknowledged. The insight remains minimal. Longevitably, the man will sound redundant because his repertoire consist of the same desired entitlements and lacks the intrigue sought to the global consumer and domestic rap critic and expert.

Many times, bombardments of words and rhymes, in a genre of trend-chasing (rap/hip-hop), can intrigue an amateur writer or rap fan, while the listener does not receive the desire to be the rapper, more so wants to not see the rapper in person. The person sells, music is merely intrigue; concluding J. Conner will not be a superstar, not capture the money of the international nor domestic (American) consumer.

People who classify with J. Conner’s music, non-elite without capability to be an elitist, can identify with such minimally insightful music, while the greater digress a divulge.


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