Mitt Romney: Sustained Arrogance.

Read the article titled, Mismanaged Arrogance: Romney Overbills the Media for Covering Him, published by on December 17, 2012.


Managing money is something Mitt Romney succeeds doing. He may make another attempt to budget America’s economy by running for Presidency again in 2016.
Photo: Getty Images

Mitt Romney should have charged the press like he did. He’s the man of the hour and, he fronted the entertainment money, food and lodging for the press; and you know if Romney’s footing the bill, the expenditures are going to be luxury. The Olympic’s committee asked Mitt Romney to do the entire budget for the 2002 Olympics, and that budget exceeded $1.3 billion, because he’s great with money. After Romney’s budgeting was done, published that, the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics committee ended up with a surplus of over $100 million. That is precision money allocation. It is obvious that Mitt Romney did not appropriate the budget for the press during his running for president in 2012 (because he was most likely too busy editing his speeches), yet the overbilling, as reported by, was said to exceed the typical expenses on the campaign trail. Mitt Romney was the most wealthy presidential candidate in history, so if he is paying for the accommodates, then logic dictates that there will be more money spend on press accommodation; not by choice, perhaps by habit.

If democrats wanted a president that was going to levy the economy, he was probably the best choice. Consider, that with as many people seeking undue credit today, if Romney’s not arrogant and claim to the masses that he’s great at what he does best, money, then what would he be expecting, a figment of imagination [a god], to give him a pat on the back?

Mitt Romney pursues the captivity of an engaged audience.
Photo by Getty Images.

Nothing’s wrong with self acknowledging due credits or talents, yet, in the day of fabrication through communications, giving your self credit for your talents is honorable, more so than meekly expecting gratidude from others. A lot of people do have a false sense of reality, such as thinking they are more important, or busy than they really are, so for an accomplished and super-wealthy man like Mitt Romney to live his life with expensive spending habits, is not a crime or misappropriation; He is simply Satisfying his Arrogance.


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