Adding Value to Talent

As far back as I can recall, I’ve had a magnetism of charisma that was often rewarded with nods of gratitude. Choosing a path of honor deterred my professional baseball prospects, as a remote calamity brandished. I’ve come to the realization that being paid handsomely, for being myself , is what would be a dream come true for me.

Doing something you enjoy,  still may be a compromise. I’ve realized that getting paid to be me would be the ultimate manifest of a dream come true.

Forging business from the rummages of toil gets me by. Often, people long to be in entertainment and make millions because they want the fame; or they hear stories of the few that did make their way. Did you know that about 80% of famous actors I’ve researched are college graduates? I had a talk with a man in a record store about getting my CD in the franchise store on physical distribution. After prompting me instructions, the store manager began to tell me about his former aspirations of being a rocker. After forming a band, practicing for hours, getting a few gigs, and eventually landing a radio job after an internship, he made a conclusion. “I did everything right. Everything that could get somebody to the top, I took all those steps. What I figured out years later is, that I simply wasn’t good enough”. This is the case with a lot of people with big dreams. They don’t have the “it” factor. That certainly is not the case with me.

If you have the it factor, then you probably know you do. Finding the person that can pay you for that, may be the challenge you find.

Being geographically stricken does not help the prospects for someone with minimal resources to boot as well. I continue to chip away at the block of achievement, lowering the odds of my chance for despair. Pride’s not my problem in contrast to depravity. Some people invest thousands of dollars in a trade, or the manufacturing of an aspired talent. Only to have savored a pass-time. No real achievements or notoric compensation. The “it” factor is something that makes people valuable. Expendability is what makes someone replaceable. Bravado may be breached. Charismatic disposition to fortune is innate.

Your talent alone may be better than what many can manufacture.

What makes someone special, may be hard to define.

The race among several to blatantly shine.

The stars in a line appear closer than far.

Your talent dispensed approaches tomorrow.

“Valiant Eye” by Master Isom (Impromptu Stanza [5/27/13])

This stanza alludes that laboring with what you consider your talent, brings you closer to the dreams and stars of your tomorrow.

Many people can sing. Yet a wonderful voice that is unique to its own value equates to notoriety. Any person can rap. Rapping is probably the easiest thing to do. So to be profitable as a rapper, you must have access to an abundance of resources. These resources can be money for productions, people for support, or a formal relationship with an authority at a record label. Regardless of the performing ability of the rapper, he can be profitable without the “it” factor. Talent only matters in a rappers career when it comes to his shelf life, or longevity in the music industry; to prove that he can consistently make original songs of the high caliber that’s expected. I rap, and I do it very well. I reiterate, to get paid for being myself is my dream; no bravado needed.

Doing your talent, may achieve for you unprecedented successes.

Doing your talent, may achieve for you unprecedented successes.

So what is the industry that can pay me for being myself? I have an idea. I enjoy speaking, and people enjoy watching me speak. In conclusion, prepare yourself for your dreams by noticing your talent and contributing to what can make it valuable. Not every person has a talent. In my case, I have many. Perhaps what I spend my time doing today, can cast me among the stars of tomorrow.

Master Isom


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