Products of Their Environment: Observing Insight

Insight is what makes your knowledge relatable. Be it a past day of carnage, or a sustaining day in the hopeful future that brought you to a realization, making your mark in the world is a heed that must me obliged. Altruism or hoarding of large scale successes may fulfill your sense of purpose. The American federal government has strived to guarantee equal opportunities for each citizen, regardless of race or religions, since President Roosevelt’s structuring of his Great Society. Segregation remains constant to separation of social classess. In a broad and hypothesized conclusion, success begets success and poverty begets poverty.

There are many hours in a day. Many habits are formed and dictated by the environment at home

There are many hours in a day. Many habits are formed and dictated by the environment at home.

In sports most people love the classic, Cinderella teams and Cinderella stories; often derived from athletic prodigies brought up from impoverished backgrounds. Certainly most people know tremendous athletes who did not reach their potential. Some things were beyond their control, and many times, they had not direction. In 2013 a young HS graduate in Michigan was offered a $150,000 dollar four-year scholarship to play football at Michigan State. The young man turned down the offer to pursue a career as a rapper (becoming successful as a rapper is an obstacle of its own). His lack of originality and rap skills are orders to keep him from his dreams of being a rap star. Many people slandered the young man online “He’s so stupid” “That’s the dumbest decision I’ve ever heard” “He’s going to regret that”. Certainly, the young man may come to regret not taking the scholarship offer. My immediate disappointment to the article didn’t account to his decision-making (of course it was a poor decision). I recognized, right away, that he obviously had no parent or guardian that told him how important this decision was; how it would impact his future. The easiest thing to do at a young age, and especially without an adult with insighted input, is to make a bad decision. Some adults have a knack for relating to a younger audience, yet there is only so much they can do to keep the young adult from becoming a product of their environment.

Breaks like these give time for conversations throughout the game.

It was a great setting for the First Annual National Baseball Tournament held in my city.

I had the pleasure of meeting a varsity football coach from a Louisville HS, and helping his efforts in part with a large youth baseball tournament hosted in my area. Considering the pace of baseball, he and I had some significant time to conversate. The Bachelor of Marketing was glad to be a minor of psychology (which is great studies for a marketing major). He told me about his first HS coaching job in Oklahoma. The man who hired him was the head coach. The players hastened to the hiree and he enjoyed being a positive influence to these high school footballer. One day, the head coach spoke in monologue to him telling him, “I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to get [hurt or dissapointed]”. The coach continued to tell the aspiring mentor of athletes, “You can’t save these kids. Some of them will succeed and some will not. Some will indefintely end up in prison” (the quotes are estimated through translation). The veteran coach had surely seen many players come and go through his program and was probably as eager to be a great influence to the pupils as the newer, now seasoned HS coach I got to meet.

Athletes born into poverty need someone to urge them toward making their future bright. Otherwise the talent may find themselves looking at the same neighborhood after their future athletic career failed to begin.

I had to think, is it true that a coach a player looks up to cannot save a player from a stagnant end? Yes. I find that true from two perspectives. One, as the Oklahoma coach told his hiree, the coach spends two hours a day (five days a week) with the kids. After the sports routine is conducted, the kids each return to their home life; in the aforementioned case, the students were predominately impoverished Negros that lived in drug ridden communities and most likely often faced with parental neglect. Therefore, more time is being spent in a negative situation at home that will weigh more heavily on their coping skills. Secondly, kids that are underprivileged financially have obligations that can keep them from success. Personally being a former HS standout and star athlete, I can say that attitude and time dedicated to the practice of sport are key to becoming a professional athlete. Picture a star athlete in HS destined for the pros, that after a big ball game or practice has to sell drugs to eat food at home. His recreation is consumed with survival instead of practicing what he excelled at athletically. Faintly, no matter how hard a person tries to help another, the sought party will do what they want and may become a product of their environment. As the now HS coach in Louisville was given insight from a coach in Oklahoma, he was able to convey to me as I observed his insight.

It’s widely said that baseball reveals character. I’m glad someone appreciated mine.

As my week succeeded, I met a former HS coach  of mines’ dad, who now has a grand son. He told me that when his grandson was younger, I was his hero. It’s nice to have people tell me that they admired my athletic ability from when I played. Unfortunately, my set up was one that was predicated with acquiring survival’s needs (food, etc) at home, so I was not able to dedicate fully to my potential baseball career.

Donald Trump is a house-hold name in America. He’s a dynamite investor and a real estate mogul. He is a product of his environment; a case where wealth beget wealth. What if Donald Trump was preoccupied with impoverished company; take Bill Gates in the same matter. Perhaps both of them would have had more altruistic beginnings and not pursued a hoard of wealth.

Treading off of the beaten path, though my accomplishments to date are modest, I am no unsung hero. My songs are sang everyday. Observed by the insightful and performed by the underprivileged. It is possible to beat the odds of poor circumstances, yet insight comes only with experience. So observing the insights of another can confirm your own life expectations and knowledge. I learn in many different ways, and learning is among my favorite things to do. Honestly, I’d be glad to eventually succeed and overcome the adversities I have faced. In doing so, I could prove that I became a product of my environment by removing the desecrations of poverty and observing the judicial neglects that I never want to see again.


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