I’m a Product of My Environment

Think of a couple of products of your environments, people. What makes people wind up products of their environments? Is it:

  • the situation people were born in?
  • the influences around a person?
  • the tribulations they have experienced?

I can say most products of environments seem to be fore the foul. Perhaps this is because of my cultural perspective. A fatherless minority youth born in the late eighties, I was familiar to Tupac and Biggie; I enjoyed rap music. Right away, neither are role models, nor any influence of which to gauge one’s own measures. I have heard some say, “Biggie was a product of his environment”. Consider that Biggie’s mom was a teacher in a school system. I came to know an inherent poverty, much deeper.

The easiest thing to do as a young man is to make a bad decision. People are not prone to failure, yet are likely to be influenced by things close to them that look better than their current situation. So what looked better to me? I was a highly astute athlete in highschool. I knew I could have gone pro. Instead of me taking those extra reps after practice, I knew that I had to earn money to eat, without the time for a nine to five. Then, as a highschooler, I was a product of my environment.

I was born into a curve, meant for only the most insightful and integretous to prosper. Instead of going right, agreeing with the hypocrisy and judicial debacles concerning my civil rights working mom I hadn’t lived with, I chose to answer life’s calls and reunite with the owner of my brilliances’ excellency. I hence became a product of my environment.

I had to comb through prejudice, instilled discernment from family, ironic denials, and life-changing losses in order to succumb to a gratifying path. So today [in short], I am a young man with an unmeasurable integrity, a leader to be admired, a passive lover, and the best man that it is possible for me to be. After much adversity and inherent traits of discovered glory, I am a product of my environment.

Master Isom


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