Who Desegregated the South, Before the Great Society?

My mind was full of energy after I knocked the flu out in the second round. I’m back to the phone calls, scheduling meetings, and things that make me appreciate my skills. So as my day winds to an end, I am aface with and beginning to appreciate astronomy more. My in depth outline and quantitative reviews of this, space, lodged me into a deep night that would show me the sunrise. My energy would remain at high, all night. My reception peaked about midway through a public broadcasting.

Civil Rights rings synonymous to Dr. Martin Luther King’s name. Dr. King, he earned his PhD. in Systematic Theology in 1955 (Brown, Mitchell. Louisiana State University, 2013) ; he was well educated. So, who is responsible for getting the Deep South desegregated, protected, and acknowledged by the federal government? During the John F. Kennedy administration, some collaborators of the SCLC, the desegregation agenda, and predominantly college students, put together a trip through the south to exercise human rights and racial equality. These activists called themselves, and are famously known as, The Freedom Riders. The trek was planned to go from D.C. through the south, all the way to Louisiana. Concisely, the first two bus fulls were greeted very flagrantly.

The first bus of Freedom Fighters was assaulted and destroyed by a type of molotov type explosive when it reached Birmingham city limits.

A representative of the federal government, by the order the president J.F. Kennedy, had to charter a plane to save the Freedom Riders’ lives. As he sits snug in his hotel room like a “good little errand boy” after a job well done, he gets a call from the attorney general, Bobby Kennedy saying, “Who the hell is Diane Nash (University of Fisk student)?”. It turned out that more activists were ready to come to Bama from Tennessee. The rep in charge of neutralizing the Freedom Riders called her. He says that she calmly told him, (in rebuttal to his aggressive demands that she and her group do not proceed) that she’s aware that people may die during their peaceful demonstrations, yet they have all signed their final will and testament [literally] and will be in Birmingham in the morning.

The racist Alabama governor, Patterson was even scared of the bigot mayor, Bull Conner. So, the Fisk wave of Freedom Rider’s were greeted with violence when they got to Birmingham as well as the Federal representative, on the president’s behalf, beaten. After international media exposure of these inequalities, President Kennedy was forced to provide the Riders with protection on their trip; he arranged for 400 US Marshalls (actually postal workers, misc. fed workers, and potential biggots themselves) to be in bama in the morning. Tension diffused to above mild. Under the cover of the wounded and now protected, King led a church meeting hosting about 1,500 (mostly black) supporters. They were agressed by stones being thrown through the church window and a mob of over a hundred wildly menacing native heathens. King phoned Bobby Kennedy, Kennedy called the governor, then the governor signed for Martial Law; hence King’s 1963 March on Washington and more of his public positions.

Dr. Martin Luther King took a blow to his stature from his students and brethren shortly after this martial demonstration. It was deemed imperative by the Freedom Fighters, and their council, including King himself, that the Freedom rides must continue into Mississippi, which would present another form of adversity for the riders. MLK’s loss of stature among these demonstrators was due to him rejecting the opportunity to ride the bus to Mississippi. It was alleged among the brave riders that Dr. King spoke of himself as a Jesus-type deity and that he regarded himself above the rest of them. Therefore, they were triggered to mockingly call him “Lordy”; as if he were indeed the Lord he allegedly portrayed. To be clear, King refused to go on the trips because he was on probation. Julian bond pointed, in the documentary interview I saw, that many of the Freedom Riders had been arrested more times that King and were on “probation on top of probations” (assumingly over sit-ins and unfair and unjust arrests). After the success of telling his church-packed throng at the First Baptist Church in Birmingham that Martial Law had been enacted, he certainly had the stars of a potential political future to fondle his gaze. Good-night, Dr. King.

Here is a link to the larger picture below, of the scene after martial law was signed into action.


This was the scene in 1961 outside of a packed First Baptist Church in Birmingham Alabama, after Governor Patterson signed for Martial Law; he gave the documents to a National Guard Colonel.

Do not think that JFK was the man with the agenda to promote racial equality in America’s entirety, because thats not what he wanted. JFK wanted the racial issue in the south to go away; not to hear about it; not to have to deal with it. President Kennedy had a very big problem to deal with: The Cold War with the Soviet Union. After the bandwagon affect of the latter hoards of Freedom Riders, and international exposure on how blacks were treated in America, he had to propose and support racial equality legislation. JFK avoided racial inequality and segregation in the south during the time it was perhaps, the most needed. Maybe responding to a forced hand is the reason why the magic bullet segregated his vision. After a review of an informative and credible documentary, I do conclude that the actual Civil Rights Heroes (concerning desegregation in the south) were the first two buses of the Freedom Riders, and then the Fisk University riders that took it upon themselves to come after, to the south.

The White House and the Great Society (In short)

The old hound dog being led by a proud young boy, was Lyndon B. Johnson. The older man was nearly ashamed to be VP was nearly ashamed of his capacity juxtaposed the young, John F. Kennedy. Lyndon was the signer of the the many benefits , in law, that came to the blacks in America. This package deal was called the Great Society. Some of these ideals were on the Kennedy agenda, yet he was gunned down before he could put these into action. President Johnson did not win an election that year, he succeeded his deceased predecessor. Today, most blacks and minorities are Democrat. Around the 1950’s, my prior note is today’s antithesis. So, when Lyndon B. Johnson was heard saying, on Air Force One, “I’ll have those Niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years” (as documented in Ronald Kessler’s, “Inside the White House”), he has already delivered on about a quarter of indenture. I do not know exactly why JFK had to die in ’63. Let your imagination build a House of Cards and assume the old hound dog to be the Kevin Spacey of the operation.


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