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BBQ, Blues, and Bikes

I ride through downtown and see a metal blockade juxtaposed some real estate I’ve been eyeing. I detour and see that another square block has a locked entry into downtown square. I rode around to see what my route back was going to be and see motorcycles lined-up on both sides of the street.


BBQ Blues and Bikes. Photo by Master Isom of

I pull around and park. Peace officers were on every corner like lightposts, by the couple atleast, wearing non standard uniform or attire. They were on the job, as tourists and natives enjoyed the Blues Festival-like day-long event. I could hear some music loud around the corner, a bit behind the Masonic temple; either a live band or a hefty amount of amps and receiver. I walk down the street at see another cove of bikes in the Masonic Temple’s parking lot.


A meticulous motorcycle line-up, on display at the Masonic temple’s parking lot downtown.

Cool bikes. I saw two that were really unique.


One of two cool bikes I saw at Etowns, BBQ Blues and Bikes. Photo by Master Isom’s

This one and this one:


Another cool bike I saw at Etowns, BBQ Blues and Bikes. Photo by Master Isom’s

Steel harmonica’s and southern strings still evaded me. I took the scenic route. There was a big huddle of people, and vendors lined one side of the street. Half way down, I saw a stand (owned by an art shop) selling craft beer; that’s a pretty big deal for a city that has only been selling beer for a couple of years or less, to allow public consumption. I inquired to a stranger for who owned the shop. I had asked the owner. She thought I was a reporter. The entrepreneur went on to tell me about a bourbon-based beer and another specialty I did not try, and the services her art company provides along with some of her future ambitions. The band kept playing.

I avoid a bunch of food stands on my way around the next curve; its summer and a couple of miles are on my to do list tonight.Image

I keep straight and put a flyer from a new diner’s street team in my back pocket. Behold. There’s a stage (I’d guess with capital exceeding $15,000) with Diunna Greenleaf and Blue Mercy warming up. I filmed a bit and took some shots. At some point during the warm up, she waved at me.


Give the Drummer some. Photo by’s, Master Isom.

I find the following song to be strong and tight. A perfect fit for the city’s bluesfest:


Diunna Greenleaf and Blue Mercy made a trip to the Bluegrass State for Etown’s, BBQ Blues and Bikes event.


All four members of Diunna Greenleaf and Blue Mercy, in Elizabethtown, Ky.

Here’s Diunna Greenleaf talking to a stagehand during her soundcheck before her 5:45 p.m. performance, at Elizabethtown’s, BBQ Blues and Bikes event.


The Texas natives, Diunna Greenleaf and Blue Mercy blazed the stage and had the crowd dancing the best they could. The following video was from the actual live set (filmed by

The event lasted until 10:00 p.m. and began before 11:00 a.m.. The bikes were cool, Diunna Greenleaf and Blue Mercy were very nice, and I picked up some solid information. Etown’s event isnt a first and isnt a last. Expect to be on the clock for most of the happening events, where peoples people gather.


Photo by’s, Master Isom.

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Resilience, Pride, and Facing the Odds

A short essay.

Time goes by, drugs spend brain cells, and an occasional Annheiser & Busch drink bides my time and keep me objective. As you discover that any recreation is available and afterwards, you have to return to the life you have made or are paving for yourself, there is a solemn reality that is faced. You may observe someone in a defeat-us circumstance, or the same person that has a justified pride that you do not understand.  That was not worded perfectly. Let me rephrase. Some people are not disposed to success, yet know they can achieve among top grossers given the opportunity and considering their achievements, against the odds.


My state has been (in 2014) studying and trying to fix the chances of going to prison for inherently poor African-Americans (over 30% [ video production]). Without me getting too personally involved, I’ll convey this probability: I could point to a youth in my neighborhood and have a great chance that the young African-American I pointed at going to prison before he/she is 25. Certainly you have heard of these cliches, still they are very real to me. For some of these young people facing these odds, it is easier to get involved in unsavory acts before being given a safe alternative to a lifestyle. Example: “Hey, instead of me serving dope in your house, how about I give you the stuff and you sell it.” The latter is a chronic circumstance that may happen everyday. Keeping consistent with my article, some of these facers may choose to be an outlier and not subject to criminal penalty; thus identifying my prideful demographic.

*on a live and related segue*

I was watching a show, Jimmy Kimmel interviewing Shaine Woodley, (I was watching to see the hilarious, UNNECESSARY CENSORSHIP segment that didnt air; this must have been a rerun) and I noticed that there was a video production excerpt featuring his interviewee. Within that was a writer’s implemented character development. The characters in the American mainstream, fiction production (surprise, surprise) were in late teens and Caucasian young adults. As any writer would implement, they had their own problems. The scene was set in a driveway with these teens. A nice sporty car, and what I’d say was a neighborhood with a mean house price of about a quarter million dollars. I notice right away that this depiction is entertainment, and my mind operates that I should remain objective and note realism and production value from this depictions (I like to study). For a disadvantage person, the scene depicts something that is not attainable immediately; the nice cars and homes as a young adult. It would be a travesty for a trying [for success] disadvantaged onlooker to change their priorities of making a better future by thinking, “These characters are about my age. I want to get a car like that.” The latter quote suggests to the viewer a change of priorities.
Having a gut feel for success, or an innate ability to be, charisma, is not a guarantee walk-in for a job interview. Nor is it a teller to avoid the perils of inherent distress. Me, I have avoided a lot of trouble that was right in my front yard. I was not that young man writing about what was going on either. I kept my arm strong, let my name be known, and played the game by the book. You could say I’m a little late getting where I should be, yet:
  • I cannot help where I was born (nor)
  • Change the circumstances under which I was conceived.

Resilience and Pride

People love the Cinderella Stories; Stories of people beating the odds and embodying greatness. Succeeding is harder for people with no direction at home. If you did not know, the easiest thing to do when young, with not too sound advice and out of emotion, is making a bad decision. In my case, this was at about age ten to eleven. So, I cannot revel in a bad decision. I have to conclude that my decision(s) was right and lead me to the path that will breed me the lifestyle that will make me ultimately happy. This is pride. A pride that I am forced to defend. I’m defending the underprivileged and the people that make the right choices to succeed against the odds.

Superficial reproach lies with the facer. Becoming a victim is for the foul, so keep your plate full or stay in shape.

And don’t forget, you may see people that are super successful. Take into account that they most likely had something working in their favor (parents, a friend, or geographic location), so don’t get down on yourself for what you hand no hand in making.

This is the Iceman signing out.

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