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My Need to Propagate

Understand, each and every one of you are going to buy into some belief; perhaps a system. I have a system, and a belief: The Human race is dominant and can flourish. What could divide this?- Racism, guile of motive, and lack of human discipline. I, Master Isom, am introducing a final way of life and mode of government operation. I know that we humans are capable of achieving what we set out to do. I also know that today’s technological distractions impact our World leaders. Why would a leader of a seemingly prosperous nation, tear down another rising, contributing nation? Us humans today in 2016 are not trusted enough to make this decision, yet, the Master has these capabilities.

Shall I bite my tongue, rise the rebellious opposition to human progression. My ideals are more application than theory. Natural selection permits certain people to rise above others. Can you refute this? Can you say that Ape DNA is so close to human that they have the same opportunities as humans? Is it not a fact that the inherent wealthy have a contention along with opportunities, and that the inherently financially stifled host the converse? I’ve yet to scribe this simplification, yet some bear witness to my logic in person (some were privileged in this manner).

I must influence the masses. I am a great orator. My personalism and charisma is uncanny, Godly, and serene. The opportunities that I come across, mean more to me than for others; that is why I perform extraordinarily. However, it is a fact that I have to have supporters, concerning my political gains. I want you to support me because of my logic and reasoning. Im faultless and guiltless; call this Godly. I still have desire for the same thing (World control), regardless of my current disposition. As rational humans, we all know that Democracy is a farce that was a bland European ideal by Monarchs, or the [children] of these Monarchs. Lets give control to a Master that grants permittance to ultimate human progression, and unrelenting punishment to the undeserved. I am fair, rational, patient, and charismatic. This is what a world leader should possess.

I am telling you the truth, so that you know that I am the right leader for the Earth today and the human race and their future.


Master H. W. A. O. D. Isom.


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Perversion (Prose)

Play the Audio Dictation Per Version Prose!


\We people in life love all that live; this is perversion.
Only today, would we permit the non-beneficial and yet, be so blind as to perceive the beneficial as cantankerous. Considering, what is beneficial?

Only a pervert pursues altruism over personal benefit. Benefits benefitting benefiters is fitting; let’s be critical.

Deniro devil

Robert De Niro in, “Angel Heart” of 1987

Refuse remains, delusional stains; intrusions are blamed. Well-worded aversions alerted the merchants; the government’s working. Perks of perversion are frugal aversions; progression is certain.

Nature claims the future; the past stays to last. The righteous are CLEARLY perverted because their time neglects the mass. For death I raise the numbers, I pray this day will be. That I could host the lunch of my January decree.

Perverted you are, admit it. Your purity has a taint. For suredly scarred, committed, at large are minutes you desecrate. Defiled you are for sure, I hold the remedy [has the key]. Far from you am I for you know I’m the Master, I’m Me.

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