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This Type of LEADER

My favorite historical figure to date is, Joseph Djughashvilli, or Joseph Stalin, the Man of Steel. I’m a highly charismatic and personable person; there’s nothing I could do to change that fact. I could call a butterfly a fish and prove how it could be one, yet I cannot change the make-up of any organism, neither can the media, nor can any objecting person.

I study dictatorship, prosperity of nations, and ‘coming to fruition’ stories, “all the led-long day”. As I had decreed in my political manifesto and first non-fiction novel, that Socialism is the least substantial form of government and that Communism is actually the beginning to provincial equality. The best thing a country could have is a sole dictator with the best interest of its’ people. A dictator for North America would progress the world at an unprecedented rate and help to unify the human race as a unit. However, I am posting to talk a bit about Joseph Stalin.


Joseph Stalin made the Cover of the USA Media Reporting journal, Time Magazine, Twice (while he was alive!)!!

I’m an excellent and rich entertainer, company, and conversationalist. At the premiere of this personal actualisation, I would ask people in my company whom was their favorite historical figure. I know that these can change upon newly retained knowledge. I was talking to a man very briefly and I liked his accent (it was Demitri Petrovsky-esque!). I asserted that I was a fan of Stalin, and he replied that Stalin murdered millions of his people and that he was from Poland. Interestingly, the man asserted that regardless of his personal historic losses, that the world needed a leader like Stalin. He told me that he liked “The man from the West [of there]”, of which I replied that I disagreed with the artists’ ideologies.

I KNOW where the world is headed, and I am going to do what is necessary to put myself in the position of this global leadership; I was built for this (I cannot change this fact). However, challenges arise and measures must be taken behind decisive instincts. I’d rather try to make the World better than watch it go to this bushwa Hell. I’ll be voting for Bernie Sanders for the 2016 election, because atleast he’s an astute and progressive Socialist. Donald Trump, I do not trust him. You can trust me.

The American Democracy for Social Independence of the Heartland

Managing Director

M. H. W. A. O. D. Isom





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My Eyes Decieve Me

Astronomy was a fascinating class; difficult, yet a satisfying finish. I learned about the phenomena of perceived sight as well as the minutely precisioned pivotal points of space telescopes, like the Hubble, called arcsecs. An arcsec is 1/3600 of a single degree angle.

This is a most-famous image taken from the ever-so slightly pivotal space telescope called, The Hubble Space Telescope. The resolution of this picture of distant galaxies was taken at 0.05 arcsecs.

When taking pictures, space telescopes have very fractional margin for movement, in consideration to their targets of photo that are often tens of 1000’s of light-years away. One false move, and blurry goes the picture. The human eye is enabled to perceive light from the sun. Without going into a chemistry (combustion/fission) and astro-spill, photons are produced by the sun. Humans do not see light merely. Humans receive protons in order to process light; this is the general scientific consensus of explaining human sight.

The Theory of Never Feeling Me (Rhymes with Theory of Relativity)

I could be fresh out of the shower, dressed up to produce an event, or maybe going to play golf. I’ll think to myself, “Hey. I look pretty good. Really good, actually.” Snap! A picture taken, maybe by my mom, a friend, sibling, or colleague. Sometimes I may say solicit the photo to be taken, “Hey, take a picture of me. I’m feeling pretty good.” Now here’s the phenomena. I look a these photos and often-times have snuffed. What happened? I could have sworn I looked like a quarter-million dollars. Whats with the down-grade? Let me check again. Okay, that’s me; there, in the mirror. And yes, I do look like a quarter-million bucks. I was telling some students at the University about my perplexing observation.

During my discussion:

Elementarily, the brain controls the functions of the body. So what controls the brain? I say the soul, intuition, or survivalists instinct. A student that is from the Magnet school, Gatton Academy, was chiming in on the conversation I was having with a lower classman. The Gatton student assumed that perhaps man could instinctively perceive himself to look better than actually, in order to encompass the courage to pursue a mate. This is a stifling assumption. I knew that my eyes were manipulating these ‘photons’ or nodes of enabled perception, yet I did not know why. How could I look so good in the mirror and not look as great in an actual photo? Do I look as handsome to other people? I could not know unless I draft a survey; the latter, I have not and will not (in order to spare my ego the blow!).

The Gatton Academy student had a great point. In 2014, a Gatton student score perfect on his/her SAT; truly for that student the sky is the limit. I doubt I was in his presence of feedback being that this student was still attending Gatton. Maybe someone else has experienced the phenomena I call, the Theory of Never Feeling Me. If so, let me know in the comment section.

Cal of Calamity

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Resilience, Pride, and Facing the Odds

A short essay.

Time goes by, drugs spend brain cells, and an occasional Annheiser & Busch drink bides my time and keep me objective. As you discover that any recreation is available and afterwards, you have to return to the life you have made or are paving for yourself, there is a solemn reality that is faced. You may observe someone in a defeat-us circumstance, or the same person that has a justified pride that you do not understand.  That was not worded perfectly. Let me rephrase. Some people are not disposed to success, yet know they can achieve among top grossers given the opportunity and considering their achievements, against the odds.


My state has been (in 2014) studying and trying to fix the chances of going to prison for inherently poor African-Americans (over 30% [ video production]). Without me getting too personally involved, I’ll convey this probability: I could point to a youth in my neighborhood and have a great chance that the young African-American I pointed at going to prison before he/she is 25. Certainly you have heard of these cliches, still they are very real to me. For some of these young people facing these odds, it is easier to get involved in unsavory acts before being given a safe alternative to a lifestyle. Example: “Hey, instead of me serving dope in your house, how about I give you the stuff and you sell it.” The latter is a chronic circumstance that may happen everyday. Keeping consistent with my article, some of these facers may choose to be an outlier and not subject to criminal penalty; thus identifying my prideful demographic.

*on a live and related segue*

I was watching a show, Jimmy Kimmel interviewing Shaine Woodley, (I was watching to see the hilarious, UNNECESSARY CENSORSHIP segment that didnt air; this must have been a rerun) and I noticed that there was a video production excerpt featuring his interviewee. Within that was a writer’s implemented character development. The characters in the American mainstream, fiction production (surprise, surprise) were in late teens and Caucasian young adults. As any writer would implement, they had their own problems. The scene was set in a driveway with these teens. A nice sporty car, and what I’d say was a neighborhood with a mean house price of about a quarter million dollars. I notice right away that this depiction is entertainment, and my mind operates that I should remain objective and note realism and production value from this depictions (I like to study). For a disadvantage person, the scene depicts something that is not attainable immediately; the nice cars and homes as a young adult. It would be a travesty for a trying [for success] disadvantaged onlooker to change their priorities of making a better future by thinking, “These characters are about my age. I want to get a car like that.” The latter quote suggests to the viewer a change of priorities.
Having a gut feel for success, or an innate ability to be, charisma, is not a guarantee walk-in for a job interview. Nor is it a teller to avoid the perils of inherent distress. Me, I have avoided a lot of trouble that was right in my front yard. I was not that young man writing about what was going on either. I kept my arm strong, let my name be known, and played the game by the book. You could say I’m a little late getting where I should be, yet:
  • I cannot help where I was born (nor)
  • Change the circumstances under which I was conceived.

Resilience and Pride

People love the Cinderella Stories; Stories of people beating the odds and embodying greatness. Succeeding is harder for people with no direction at home. If you did not know, the easiest thing to do when young, with not too sound advice and out of emotion, is making a bad decision. In my case, this was at about age ten to eleven. So, I cannot revel in a bad decision. I have to conclude that my decision(s) was right and lead me to the path that will breed me the lifestyle that will make me ultimately happy. This is pride. A pride that I am forced to defend. I’m defending the underprivileged and the people that make the right choices to succeed against the odds.

Superficial reproach lies with the facer. Becoming a victim is for the foul, so keep your plate full or stay in shape.

And don’t forget, you may see people that are super successful. Take into account that they most likely had something working in their favor (parents, a friend, or geographic location), so don’t get down on yourself for what you hand no hand in making.

This is the Iceman signing out.

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Products of Their Environment: Observing Insight

Insight is what makes your knowledge relatable. Be it a past day of carnage, or a sustaining day in the hopeful future that brought you to a realization, making your mark in the world is a heed that must me obliged. Altruism or hoarding of large scale successes may fulfill your sense of purpose. The American federal government has strived to guarantee equal opportunities for each citizen, regardless of race or religions, since President Roosevelt’s structuring of his Great Society. Segregation remains constant to separation of social classess. In a broad and hypothesized conclusion, success begets success and poverty begets poverty.

There are many hours in a day. Many habits are formed and dictated by the environment at home

There are many hours in a day. Many habits are formed and dictated by the environment at home.

In sports most people love the classic, Cinderella teams and Cinderella stories; often derived from athletic prodigies brought up from impoverished backgrounds. Certainly most people know tremendous athletes who did not reach their potential. Some things were beyond their control, and many times, they had not direction. In 2013 a young HS graduate in Michigan was offered a $150,000 dollar four-year scholarship to play football at Michigan State. The young man turned down the offer to pursue a career as a rapper (becoming successful as a rapper is an obstacle of its own). His lack of originality and rap skills are orders to keep him from his dreams of being a rap star. Many people slandered the young man online “He’s so stupid” “That’s the dumbest decision I’ve ever heard” “He’s going to regret that”. Certainly, the young man may come to regret not taking the scholarship offer. My immediate disappointment to the article didn’t account to his decision-making (of course it was a poor decision). I recognized, right away, that he obviously had no parent or guardian that told him how important this decision was; how it would impact his future. The easiest thing to do at a young age, and especially without an adult with insighted input, is to make a bad decision. Some adults have a knack for relating to a younger audience, yet there is only so much they can do to keep the young adult from becoming a product of their environment.

Breaks like these give time for conversations throughout the game.

It was a great setting for the First Annual National Baseball Tournament held in my city.

I had the pleasure of meeting a varsity football coach from a Louisville HS, and helping his efforts in part with a large youth baseball tournament hosted in my area. Considering the pace of baseball, he and I had some significant time to conversate. The Bachelor of Marketing was glad to be a minor of psychology (which is great studies for a marketing major). He told me about his first HS coaching job in Oklahoma. The man who hired him was the head coach. The players hastened to the hiree and he enjoyed being a positive influence to these high school footballer. One day, the head coach spoke in monologue to him telling him, “I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to get [hurt or dissapointed]”. The coach continued to tell the aspiring mentor of athletes, “You can’t save these kids. Some of them will succeed and some will not. Some will indefintely end up in prison” (the quotes are estimated through translation). The veteran coach had surely seen many players come and go through his program and was probably as eager to be a great influence to the pupils as the newer, now seasoned HS coach I got to meet.

Athletes born into poverty need someone to urge them toward making their future bright. Otherwise the talent may find themselves looking at the same neighborhood after their future athletic career failed to begin.

I had to think, is it true that a coach a player looks up to cannot save a player from a stagnant end? Yes. I find that true from two perspectives. One, as the Oklahoma coach told his hiree, the coach spends two hours a day (five days a week) with the kids. After the sports routine is conducted, the kids each return to their home life; in the aforementioned case, the students were predominately impoverished Negros that lived in drug ridden communities and most likely often faced with parental neglect. Therefore, more time is being spent in a negative situation at home that will weigh more heavily on their coping skills. Secondly, kids that are underprivileged financially have obligations that can keep them from success. Personally being a former HS standout and star athlete, I can say that attitude and time dedicated to the practice of sport are key to becoming a professional athlete. Picture a star athlete in HS destined for the pros, that after a big ball game or practice has to sell drugs to eat food at home. His recreation is consumed with survival instead of practicing what he excelled at athletically. Faintly, no matter how hard a person tries to help another, the sought party will do what they want and may become a product of their environment. As the now HS coach in Louisville was given insight from a coach in Oklahoma, he was able to convey to me as I observed his insight.

It’s widely said that baseball reveals character. I’m glad someone appreciated mine.

As my week succeeded, I met a former HS coach  of mines’ dad, who now has a grand son. He told me that when his grandson was younger, I was his hero. It’s nice to have people tell me that they admired my athletic ability from when I played. Unfortunately, my set up was one that was predicated with acquiring survival’s needs (food, etc) at home, so I was not able to dedicate fully to my potential baseball career.

Donald Trump is a house-hold name in America. He’s a dynamite investor and a real estate mogul. He is a product of his environment; a case where wealth beget wealth. What if Donald Trump was preoccupied with impoverished company; take Bill Gates in the same matter. Perhaps both of them would have had more altruistic beginnings and not pursued a hoard of wealth.

Treading off of the beaten path, though my accomplishments to date are modest, I am no unsung hero. My songs are sang everyday. Observed by the insightful and performed by the underprivileged. It is possible to beat the odds of poor circumstances, yet insight comes only with experience. So observing the insights of another can confirm your own life expectations and knowledge. I learn in many different ways, and learning is among my favorite things to do. Honestly, I’d be glad to eventually succeed and overcome the adversities I have faced. In doing so, I could prove that I became a product of my environment by removing the desecrations of poverty and observing the judicial neglects that I never want to see again.

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Poverty’s Perpetual Hold: Desolation of Wealth’s Potential

Adsih Emblem

ADSIH is a non-profit group that I coordinate. Our main constituent are veterans and the impoverished.

For a college psychology essay , I chose to research why there are more Negro felons than any other race. My well-founded and proposed solution was that the Negro are more often accessible to poverty-caused grievances where they have to bid and strain for a day to day survival. Summarily concluding, people born into poverty are more likely to commit survival crimes such as selling drugs or thieving for food. Poverty can do many things to a person; cause them stress, force them to engage in illegal activity, and communicate with people that have no benefit for their life. Jack Cafferty of CNN, published in 2012 that if you were born poor you will probably stay poor, and besides the few success cases, that statement is more of a proven science than a discriminatory blow.

Not only does poverty heighten the chances of the committing of crimes, poverty can induce sickness; mentally and physically. Consider a constant stress brought about by the possibility of living a life of poverty for the rest of your life, as a young adult. Plus, the knowledge that the simplest mistake can blackball you from the workforce, or a bad semester can keep you out of a state university. Certainly, there is a way to maneuver past the problems, yet if an inheretant of poverty  does not constantly thrive for superiority, then he most likely shall remain in the financial status he was born in, or live a life of financial and overall complacency. The mental strain of poverty can have a person with high ambitions, in a state of constant urgency. Yes, it is far more urgent to a person that is faced with imminent and current poverty to execute his plans successfully, than for a person who has a safety valve of inherent wealth or family security.

Physically, poverty may affect some by being malnourished, or put people in association with people that are dangerous and poor themselves. A poor person may not be looking for trouble, yet having to stay in a non-discriminant and non-filtered homeless shelter may a threat to an innocent goer. Not to mention a person that lives in a low-income area may be in a more drug grieved and violent environment. Physically, and mentally, poverty can take put a person in jeopardy with the consequence of physical harm or jail, and even repeat for generations of the family. In order to break the cycle, a person has to have some things going his way, or be extraordinarily focused on a long-term plan.

Picture a young man around the age of sixteen, he’s a a jock and an athlete with pro caliber talent on the baseball diamond. He has everything a person could want, socially; great speaker, handsome, tremendous athlete, socially healthy, and intelligent. This same man has no food at home.

Setting goals is absolutely crucial if you plan to escape poverty. Even if you don't meet a goal, laboring towards it is the best thing that you can do.

Setting goals is absolutely crucial if you plan to escape poverty. Even if you don’t meet a goal, laboring towards it is the best thing that you can do.

The only time he eats is at lunch in school. He is so admonished, that a person could not have a clue that he doesn’t have a perfect life at home because of how well spoken and upright he conducts himself. Plus, the young man lives in a neighborhood littered with drugs. Yes, people in his neighborhood knew him and pictured him to be a success in the future, yet any person that he talked to in his neighborhood, his age or older, was on drugs or selling them. This man gets so hungry in his summer training that he cannot stand up to lift weights: malnourishment. Eventually the mature young man begins to sell drugs for extra money to eat, and help with bills, after he gets tired of his guardian getting evicted every couple of years.

          Yes, the young man had the choice not to sell drugs, and he also had the   choice not to eat outside of school. It was easier for this young man to get a hold of some crack-cocaine or weed to sale, for his own health, rather than having the luxury to focus on lining up his future. Poverty put him at risk of jeopardizing his future, not a malicious intent or dream that he had for himself.

In a similar circumstance, take a young man that does have successful parents, and knows not the ails of hunger and survival’s uncertainties. He’s able to enjoy leisure, spend time practicing his craft, and take measure to pick up trades that may put him in advantage in the future. This man can walk outside, and see the benefits of a life void of poverty and the strains of the poor. It is a lot easier for the inherently privileged young man to be offered a job by a neighbor, or ask his parents for money to start an enterprise he’s interested; like buy him capitol for a lawn mowing business. Unlike the inherently and chronically impoverished young man in the prior example, it is easier for the second young man to get a job or labor for a career rather than find drugs to sell. Why would he want to sell drugs when he has a life of available resources in front of him? For the honestly inherent poor, drugs have proposed opportunities for survival, not a trendy fashion for association(s).

The second example shows that the man brought up in a monetarily stable family, automatically has future opportunities that the poor does not.


You may find the brightest young man that was raised poor and has a glowing future, that you could not deny him. The time he tarries at school and involved in sports continue to glaze his promising aura. After the ball games, and back at his home, he comes home to guardians high on crack. He knows whats going on, and spends most of his time in his room with the door shut, when he’s at home. Even the weed-selling money he earns, his guardian will ask him for some money to feed her crack habit.

Yes, the triumph after adversity makes for a great story. Yet, if this young man makes a single legal blunder, his life can be thrown off course for years or decades. That is  and Minimalizing Pressure.

Being the most sought after young man in school was no consolation to the life this young man had. Despite the hardships he had personally, there was no time to talk to people about any strains. He was the most popular kid in school. Being a star athlete, he’s expected to perform better than his teammates that are well rested and fed on a daily basis. Perhaps this story may appear cliche to the lot of middle, and upper middle-class born readers; it is very real to me. This poor-born young man may have had great genetics, yet he had no security for his future. His only saving grace was that he was nearly destined to be a pro baseball player (and those odds aren’t great, pending his survival-prone habits). Forbid that he have any misfortune that could derail that hope for a minute.

People often associate with people of similar financial backgrounds as them. Certainly, Donald Trump was not looking for a friend in the ghettos of his state’s urban area. If Donald Trump, or another inherently rich man that’s successful today, had been preoccupied with remedying his poor friends’ ails, then he most-likely would not have been able to develop a discernment to distractions, and fallen victim to the parody of life that is poverty.


Nobody asks to be born, or to be at the bottom of the ladder of success. The right mixtures of determination, and realistic planning, may sprinkle a drop of opportunity, and then perhaps, a child can grow into success.

Nobody asks to be born, or to be at the bottom of the ladder of success. The right mixtures of determination, and realistic planning, may sprinkle a drop of opportunity, and then perhaps, a child can grow into success.

Poverty is real and often times, something that a young man inherits. Some people make bad decisions that keep them poor, or make them go poor. While others are born into severe poverty and have rare chances of altering that chain. A chronically poor child may have friends and family that are drug addicts and felons, and may not think much about him getting caught with a misdemeanor charge. Yet with today being so liberal and competitive, the smallest mistake can keep a man poor for years or life. The super determined may prevail from this poverty, yet any mistake along the way could be a ball and chain. The anxiety an underprivileged child and young adult may face can be one that makes nearly every second of each day have to be accounted for toward the goal of escaping poverty.

An interaction with another entity, especially if it involves premeditation and repetition, is called a relationship (Self [Master Isom’s] definition). Imagine the possibility of being poor for the rest of your life. You may think only the lazy are poor, yet if you inherited poverty, it is very possible that poverty is going to be a part of your future. What if you knew that if you did not graduate college you had no family that could help you do anything that involved money, even eat. What if you even graduate college with a survival misdemeanor on your record, you could not get employed? Perhaps you’d value your every second and contribute that toward any efficiency that could profit your future too. A single mistake, could keep that chain of poverty revolving. Not to mention that you have to live life and some things may not go your way. Poverty can be permanent, and the best way to get out is by having realistic expectations and executing long term goals-because poverty can be a life-time factor and reality to your future.

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