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Political Speeches

I state ultimate claims, for the purpose of entrapment; the cause of second-guessing. Should one contest my claims? Is it in anyone’s best interest to negate my premise? I do not think so. If someone were to negate my [ultimate] premises, then they’d be giving me their final option. Is negating me worth an exchange for your ultimate and most intimate political belief? Perhaps. How small is my opposition? Is it worth to harm me and face the repercussion and humility of a failed attempt, to try and stop me? What if you fail? What if I fall short? If I do, I’ll be in a better position. If you disagree with me, then you have betrayed or bestowed your own confidence. As methods I have studied, I have conceded a small margin of error in my attempts. Many of the Christians are patrons to [white] magic; I am involved in the dark arts.


Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, I was taught this in psychology on steroids.


Educated and Godly as I am astute, I welcome a question of your own concern. Would you like my rebuttal, or would you be fixed on a converse disposition? Would you know in your mind that you are going to disagree?

Wealth abounds the lacking of judgement, fore the judge had not shown his face to the religious. Per the agnostic, the Master claims his reign. The Devil worshippers have a God, and dont let them tell you any different. This book of mine has professed my path to the power that’s innate, for me. I could not trade anything in the world for this potential, without my soul dying, or something else inside of me. I have studied many truths.

Notice that my words are independent of any higher power, today. Acknowledge that I am fixed on a position to claim, that I want each of you to agree with. Donald Trump in his 2016 presidency attempt is 69 years old. He inherited over $200 million dollars from his dad. He is not a genius, nor a prodigy, nor an overcome of any tribulation. Donald Trump is an example of money working its depth. Could you be satisfied if you had all the money you wanted? Or would you be looking for something else? If someone offered you “Everything you want in the Universe;everything”. Would you ask for enough? I know exactly what I want.

Numbers and math become more fluent with logic. Numbers of people, traffic, and commodities, are the only possibilities. Democracy, democracy, and democracy. It is fortunate to have such freedom. I know that if people were stripped of their liberties, then would find some things to be happy about: memories, collegiacy, labor and its fruits, and all that is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. There must be people that crave power for the right reasons, like me.

The men of peace, I have to ask, how long do you plan to be deprived, and whom is your benefactor? Revolutions, CIA, and KGB, you get what you see. What you know is probably correct.


Master H. W. A. O. D. Isom


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My Need to Propagate

Understand, each and every one of you are going to buy into some belief; perhaps a system. I have a system, and a belief: The Human race is dominant and can flourish. What could divide this?- Racism, guile of motive, and lack of human discipline. I, Master Isom, am introducing a final way of life and mode of government operation. I know that we humans are capable of achieving what we set out to do. I also know that today’s technological distractions impact our World leaders. Why would a leader of a seemingly prosperous nation, tear down another rising, contributing nation? Us humans today in 2016 are not trusted enough to make this decision, yet, the Master has these capabilities.

Shall I bite my tongue, rise the rebellious opposition to human progression. My ideals are more application than theory. Natural selection permits certain people to rise above others. Can you refute this? Can you say that Ape DNA is so close to human that they have the same opportunities as humans? Is it not a fact that the inherent wealthy have a contention along with opportunities, and that the inherently financially stifled host the converse? I’ve yet to scribe this simplification, yet some bear witness to my logic in person (some were privileged in this manner).

I must influence the masses. I am a great orator. My personalism and charisma is uncanny, Godly, and serene. The opportunities that I come across, mean more to me than for others; that is why I perform extraordinarily. However, it is a fact that I have to have supporters, concerning my political gains. I want you to support me because of my logic and reasoning. Im faultless and guiltless; call this Godly. I still have desire for the same thing (World control), regardless of my current disposition. As rational humans, we all know that Democracy is a farce that was a bland European ideal by Monarchs, or the [children] of these Monarchs. Lets give control to a Master that grants permittance to ultimate human progression, and unrelenting punishment to the undeserved. I am fair, rational, patient, and charismatic. This is what a world leader should possess.

I am telling you the truth, so that you know that I am the right leader for the Earth today and the human race and their future.


Master H. W. A. O. D. Isom.

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Perversion (Prose)

Play the Audio Dictation Per Version Prose!


\We people in life love all that live; this is perversion.
Only today, would we permit the non-beneficial and yet, be so blind as to perceive the beneficial as cantankerous. Considering, what is beneficial?

Only a pervert pursues altruism over personal benefit. Benefits benefitting benefiters is fitting; let’s be critical.

Deniro devil

Robert De Niro in, “Angel Heart” of 1987

Refuse remains, delusional stains; intrusions are blamed. Well-worded aversions alerted the merchants; the government’s working. Perks of perversion are frugal aversions; progression is certain.

Nature claims the future; the past stays to last. The righteous are CLEARLY perverted because their time neglects the mass. For death I raise the numbers, I pray this day will be. That I could host the lunch of my January decree.

Perverted you are, admit it. Your purity has a taint. For suredly scarred, committed, at large are minutes you desecrate. Defiled you are for sure, I hold the remedy [has the key]. Far from you am I for you know I’m the Master, I’m Me.

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This Type of LEADER

My favorite historical figure to date is, Joseph Djughashvilli, or Joseph Stalin, the Man of Steel. I’m a highly charismatic and personable person; there’s nothing I could do to change that fact. I could call a butterfly a fish and prove how it could be one, yet I cannot change the make-up of any organism, neither can the media, nor can any objecting person.

I study dictatorship, prosperity of nations, and ‘coming to fruition’ stories, “all the led-long day”. As I had decreed in my political manifesto and first non-fiction novel, that Socialism is the least substantial form of government and that Communism is actually the beginning to provincial equality. The best thing a country could have is a sole dictator with the best interest of its’ people. A dictator for North America would progress the world at an unprecedented rate and help to unify the human race as a unit. However, I am posting to talk a bit about Joseph Stalin.


Joseph Stalin made the Cover of the USA Media Reporting journal, Time Magazine, Twice (while he was alive!)!!

I’m an excellent and rich entertainer, company, and conversationalist. At the premiere of this personal actualisation, I would ask people in my company whom was their favorite historical figure. I know that these can change upon newly retained knowledge. I was talking to a man very briefly and I liked his accent (it was Demitri Petrovsky-esque!). I asserted that I was a fan of Stalin, and he replied that Stalin murdered millions of his people and that he was from Poland. Interestingly, the man asserted that regardless of his personal historic losses, that the world needed a leader like Stalin. He told me that he liked “The man from the West [of there]”, of which I replied that I disagreed with the artists’ ideologies.

I KNOW where the world is headed, and I am going to do what is necessary to put myself in the position of this global leadership; I was built for this (I cannot change this fact). However, challenges arise and measures must be taken behind decisive instincts. I’d rather try to make the World better than watch it go to this bushwa Hell. I’ll be voting for Bernie Sanders for the 2016 election, because atleast he’s an astute and progressive Socialist. Donald Trump, I do not trust him. You can trust me.

The American Democracy for Social Independence of the Heartland

Managing Director

M. H. W. A. O. D. Isom




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The Answers in Front of Me

I’m thinking money. Funds. The fundraising of money to sustain a goal I have. I packed my planner and head to a bar I knew wouldn’t be in party mode in the early afternoon. That morning, I had just passed the mile mark on my jog and looked right at a glaring marquee above E-town’s, Historic State Theater. I caught a staff member headed into the building and took receipt of an invite inside to scope a venue for an event I have in mind. The sun not yet peeking, I still bled beads of sweat on the blue, thin carpet inside. I’d take the informative documents I collected and stuff them in my shoe, later to unravel them at a private table in Los Chalupas, my place of planning for the mid-day. I order a tallboy to supplement my exerts; perhaps the barley’d give me some protein. The complimentary chips and salsa certainly made for a nice filler.

I jotted, outlined, and literately brainstormed until I felt compelled to close my journal and check out the one of the best baseball players of my day, Derek Jeter, play his last MLB All-Star game, on the Latin-themed pub’s television. Now on the relax, a young man sits a couple of tables from me. Sports theory conversation, and general sports talk were volleyed back and forth, and eventually, I got acquainted with the Geologist based in Texas named, Nick. Me meeting a Geologist was far more intriguing than watching my favorite baseball team’s star player making his permanent exit from the game of baseball. Derek Jeter has established a book publishing company, perhaps he and I shall have much business to discuss in the near future.

Nick and I had sparse conversation over the distance of short tables and chairs, then exchanged phone numbers for when he would come back to Elizabethtown, I could show him some dining and entertainment spots. Before I left he and I talked about the job market, concerning career progression, and I noted from his experience, the importance of networking. I am to connect with a Geologist to swing golf clubs at the driving range of my local golf resort in less than a week! This is an exciting and big deal to me. As a business student, I get to further observe the microeconomics of a Geologist’s choice to study the lands, as infer upon the macroeconomics (concentrated) of Geologists’ necessary contributions to global progression and sustainment.

He and I acquaint with the parlor as I familiarize him with the parameters of our meeting place. I show him to the allocated driving range, and heave my vintage golf clubs out from my trunk; the irons chyme an amateurs tune on the way to the driving deck.

Interview with Nick the Geologist

I ask Nick why he wanted to become a Geologist. Was there a fascination that emanated from his youth?

Nick replied that he had taken a Geology course in college that he enjoyed. He stated directly in context, “[I] don’t want to be punching around the keys”. Field work is a major aspect for Geology professionals, and this Geologist did not find a cubicle job ideal.

Nick earned his Baccalaureate Degree from Cal State University and his Graduate Degree from Auburn University. After Nick mentioned that he was proclitive to a job such as a forest ranger (while in school) where he can be outside for occupation, I found that it was my safe assumption that his travels were a perk.

Nick’s Job of a Geologist

Nick was in Kentucky supervising an operation that consisted of “core drilling”. Core drilling is a common method for mineral exploration. Nick’s company, Lehigh Hanson, conduct mining in Kentucky for usable material. 50% of surface rocks in Kentucky are limestone ( The mission of Lehigh Hanson produces concrete, asphalt, aggregates, clay bricks and more. After Nick’s team extracts the limestone that had been mind for, the sample is tested. The testing process for limestone  adhere to ASTM Standards and follow four main steps:

  • LA Abrasion
  • ASCMC 128, 131
  • Sulfate Magnesium Test
  • Test for Specific Gravity

Perhaps the largest factor in determining that limestone (or other grounded, minable materials) are not usable is Alkalie Silicone Reaction or ASR. Nick elaborated that in concrete testing a “rock [could] take in too much water and break apart”. I infer that using material with a high Alkalie Silicone Reaction could result in a liability to the manufacturer if any damages were to occur to a person resulting from this faulty material’s usage in a structure. reports that, in 2007 68% of all crushed rock in the United States was Limestone. Considering that large number, Nick’s tests are imperative to his company’s overall efficiency.

Wzzzzz. My ball jumps off of my four iron an hits the back side of a ground mesa on the driving range, about 170 yds out. Most shots were dead on. I didn’t exactly tell Nick that this is probably my best swinging day of this Golf season, so far; I left a little to imagination. Out comes the waitress with another pale ale for me and a large pizza Nick ordered. I sit back down to talk after zinging another ball toward my mark. Thinking Geologically for lateral conversation, I talked of the fact that the Asian Carp had been found in Kentucky. Asian Carp is a fish that reproduces more quickly than Kentucky Native species. This means that there are more Asian Carp eating more ‘food’ in the same ecosystems of our native fish. This has caused a lot of concerns for fisherman and Kentucky Wildlife enthusiast. I heard that the fish isn’t as good to eat as a primetime Bass or a Kentucky Catfish. In an effort to control this immigrant’s (Asian Carp) population, The Kentucky department of Fish and Wildlife hosted a commercial fishing tournament in Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake on March 12-13, 2013.  The effort to “limit the number of Asian carp swimming in our waters”, relieved out Kentucky waters of over 82,953 pounds of Asian Carp (Source). That’s a lot of fish that could have been affecting our prided Kentucky waters.

A Chariting Guest

Nick an I were joined in company by a physical therapist named Rachel. She put a bug in our ear about her attempts to “cross the line” concerning opening doors of communication in [her] neighborhood.” Rachel spoke of when she had a lake/pond in her community in South Carolina that had been diminishing because of local inhabitant pollution. Her efforts were chartable:

  • Administer a neighborhood group to support the cause
  • solicit for  volunteers and grant writer
  • petition the city for money to help this effort

Rachel’s won a grant from the city for, City Beautification. The $1,500 helped buy equipment, feed her volunteers, and buy chemicals to clean the the barrened lake. She mentioned that when she left this South Carolina community that the support efforts had left with her.

Interview with Nick

Since I have not met a Geologist before Nick, I asked him about his connection with nature.

Nick gave me a leery look, yet a direct answer.  Nick uses good judgement when he’s in the field on the job. Nick will not blatantly kill an animal that isn’t harming him, yet, the jobs must get finished. He told me of a story when a D8 Caterpillar had run over a snake, while his company was clearing land. Whether or not the snake survived is unknown, but Nick tossed a tailed snaked out of the CAT’s path into the woodwork.

While another time, Nick told that he saw a large, poisonous black widow near a toolbox at his home. The Black Widow had to perish at the hands of the dominant species that day. Nick phrased in response to his discernment with wildlife and doing his job that, “I don’t kill things unless I have to.” This young man does well at what I call, administration discernment in regard to company goals.


Nick was now up to the tee-off deck. Not too impressed with my amateur set of clubs, he took a heavy swing that earned his ball a seat at the near 200yd mark, with a 4-iron. Impressive. He took a few more swings and finished with a straight shot that  I lost in the darkening sky, above some trees afar.

I think of how I feel about capitalism and the lesser evil that is, personnel expandability. Nick aspires to establish a career in off-shore drilling. There is big money in that. The Texas-based Geologists is not a fan nor a patron to fracking neither, suggesting that increased earthquakes are a proof of the practice’s harms. As I again prye into how he feels about capitalism in the free market, he replies, “To each his own”.  Surely, Nick is qualified enough to change careers, and having supervisory experience at mining sites will certainly help his chances of becoming an offshore drillingprofessional job. I know this transition of ground-rock mining to oil has been made before. So with Nick, the Geologist and his aspirations for ‘black gold’, he may one way or another acquire that house on the lake, that had been a haven of his youth.

The work-week night is getting late as some cornhole enthusiasts from Virginia, make their way onto the patio. Nick had to get to Home Depot before they closed. He had to pick up some acid. Nick educated, “Acid effervesces if its calcium carbonate”. I told him that my readers would surely know what that means.


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The Bi-Partisan Prison

Propose a recognizable, national solution. Then have your committee sign an affidavit before a notary during a preliminary hearing. Then vote, and have the committee agreed to the best idea on the table. There you have the end of a bi-partisanship. If you can’t, then welcome to democracy. Until voiced officials have their opinions bound, then the turmoil of the dominating two-party system shall reign among the free voiced.

Wisdom is the echelon of progression- Master Isom. Look back at the 2012 Libyan conflict, then seek the rudiments. From July 2012-July 2013, there have been over 90,000 government administered murders in Syria. There has been no American, NATO, or United Nations intervention toward the Syrian conflict. America spent $150 million in a single day on missle attacks for the avocation of un-merited Libyan rebels against the Libyan dictator and in his lifetime the richest man in the world. Muammar Khadaffi murdered two people for committing capitol crimes in his dictated country, then their families and friends took to social media for reprise.The American and Libyan rebel supporters were hoaxed by the masquerade of social media to hasten to the unjust cause of the avocation of the Libyan rebel. Two ideals dominate American politics: conservative and liberal. The conservative or Republican ideal, (by my definition) is a people today that choose the personal preservation of wealth. The liberals, mostly Democrats, want to ensure the welfare of the general population. The possibility of conjunction to both ideals shall nigh the debate table. The wrong leader under a false pretense, momentous with the virtue of my observations, could reap vulnerability on the nation of America.

Today Barrack Obama, without much speculation, is a self-made American minority success. The democrat, former bar-test success, and current United States President does not baffle with accolades. Hes proven that a person can win in America. Presidential administration involves budgeting, gaining trust, and confidence. President Obama has spawned imperative progresses for the American economy such as killing the alleged number one terrorist and passing a national healthcare bill (something that may be proved a must for optimal government administration). Beyond his successes are the compromises that had to succumb to bi-partisanship. The way the government is set up, the president must seek the approval of an opposing party. That ideal in itself proves a stagnant compromise.

Who operates America, the citizens or the government? What do protestors and anti-government demonstrators want? Media coverage. An aware mind can identify the ultimate goal of a protest – media coverage. If you get online your home page (if not Google) shall reveal the latest news in our country. Most currently, you may see a woman flattered by a note on a receipt. Or an employee under scrutiny for the same. So, if it is that easy to become a prominent figure by buffoonery, then scrutinizing the government is a matter that could be all the more glorified. Unifying a government base could target anti-government protestors, and feed into the fuel that optimizes the American economy. If a change shall be recommended, then the citizens should be ensured that their proposals are not going to be discriminated against by a bi-partisan government, solely on their principle. A unified government can fuel the peoples’ avocation and ensure the integrity of the government structure. If you see someone talking of my ideals, seek their integrity before you conform, for I am the originator and mind ahead of its’ time that tells you the future of North America.

The bi-partisan prison is a state of being where you know that great ideas can be contested. Innovation cannot be sparked in the darkness of threatened reprisal; that is why America has thrived as a country of equality. For the unspoken and underprivileged that want change, the security of an administration that is free to thrive shall be the victor soon; not the government that remains divided. The bi-partisan prison is a state of mind and economics that has shown no permanent resolution. My non-fiction basis and novel shall reveal, in depth, the fallacies of today’s bi-partisan government and the direction and future of North America. I am a Republican that is open to change. A Republican that knows directly how it feels to have lost hope in the judicial system. Having a government that has a sole purpose to progression as a whole provides a relief upon unspoken ails. Divert from the comfort of security behind the inherent and navigate the future of North America as a unit. Folly is spoken in the drunkard routine – Master Isom. Some people are comfortable doing what they have been told, even when a better option is before them. My economic resolutions are revolutionary, and are mine alone. A man that is not me, shall devastate the economy. Rise unto the Master.

Master Isom

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Hours in A Day

Time is Inevitably Congruent

Crops pile in organized containers, while an athlete blitzes to a cone. The crop-toting truck soon departs from a port, while the driver buckles into an hour-long transit excursion. The athlete pivots and pushes toward another cone not too far away, watching the score-clock count down for his hour-long individual training session. In terms of congruency, both examples show different tasks being pursued within the same amount of time. The crops and truck analogy examples the stocking and shipping of necessary crops to a potential market place. The mentions of an athlete dashing from cone to cone shows that the athlete was training his agilities, so he be shown more dominant on his playing field or court. When goals, such as physical domination or meeting a predetermined quota exists, then courses of action are enacted in order to proceed most efficiently. As the Earth turns and generations inevitably age, there remain the same hours in a day.

      Of Malice and Men

My small city has a lot of historic monuments downtown. I recently discovered a proclivity towards history as a reasoning for today's economic functions.

My small city has a lot of historic monuments downtown. I recently discovered a faint fondness for history as a reasoning for today’s economic functions.

On a trek down one of the oldest streets in my city, I was nearing the mile mark on my two mile running course. I stopped near an old creek I used to fish at as a child, near the city’s flashy Courthouse. The robust creek shimmered with the freshness of post-rain splendor. Atop of the hillside bank, I saw one of the many historic markings that flourish throughout my city’s downtown area. I remain standing composed and not yet winded from running my course. The inscription on the placard before me, revered Samuel Haycraft (I used to live on Haycraft St. so I was more inquisitive than the usual). Haycraft was a Virginian migrant to the Kentucky region. In 1779’s winter, he and his array of former Pennsylvanians and Virginians migrated to and build post in the Ky city. The story was consistent with the tales of any renown 18th Century frontier pioneer, and perhaps the inaudible narrations of the writing had a modern-day twist. The author of the informative monument inscription made lite of, hastily referring to the native people who were intruded on by these migrants, as “menace”. I thought to myself the people that came into someones land from another state referred to the Native Americans in the area as menaces; that’s not right. Then I took a look over my left should at our city’s courthouse. A lot of things that aren’t right or just, have happened in there.

A Driving Motive

Most of the time, I’m busying myself with writing literature: books, poetry, music, etc. I’m certain that I’ll get into reading more again in the future, after sustaining a satisfying profession. Seemingly, I have rarely found that I don’t have the time to do things. A close friend of mine casually refers to time efficiency as,  staying vigilant. The first book I wrote, I did not write it to try and get rich. I wrote it because I was overwhelmed with the logic of a concept I had conceived. As most notable authors do not publish their first book, I have other plans for the book of non-fiction and political fantasy. The significance of my mentioning a book I wrote that I may not attempt to get published is because it shows that some events or creations in life are a stepping stone or prelude for greater ideas and things to come.

I revived a wounded turtle. He's now healthy and in his own environment.

This is the shy turtle I found. I later discovered that he was wounded.

I was coming down the home stretch  on my last tenth of a mile out of two miles, and I saw a turtle. I picked him up, wondering why he was on the side of the road such a long ways from the creek and even further from the reservoir. I immediately bought an aquarium and water treatments for the turtle. The weather was hot and he would have certainly starved to death or got shriveled in the beaming sun. I found later that the turtle had no right fingers and only a nub there; it also only had a fraction of one of its hind legs’ toes. He was hesitant to eat and adapt to his new captivity. Yet when provided with food and a healthy and safe environment the turtle had a choice: starve yourself or step down from stubborn; he chose to live.

Be Ready When Opportunity Presents Itself

Eventually the athlete dries his face with a towel and exits his practice arena,and the crop transporter has his truck unloaded in another city. The truck driver came to an entirely new environment to complete his task, while the athlete never left a 100 yd. grid-iron.

Jogging was a time and effort investment toward a goal that I am preparing for.

Jogging was a time and effort investment toward a goal of which I am preparing.

Both tasks were completed for the benefit of the individual operator, and both took the same amount of time. The inevitable is that our generations will age, and the things we individually do with our time will dictate our future destinations. So regardless of your inherent social or financial status or class, we all count the same Hours in A Day.

Master Isom

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