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Political Speeches

I state ultimate claims, for the purpose of entrapment; the cause of second-guessing. Should one contest my claims? Is it in anyone’s best interest to negate my premise? I do not think so. If someone were to negate my [ultimate] premises, then they’d be giving me their final option. Is negating me worth an exchange for your ultimate and most intimate political belief? Perhaps. How small is my opposition? Is it worth to harm me and face the repercussion and humility of a failed attempt, to try and stop me? What if you fail? What if I fall short? If I do, I’ll be in a better position. If you disagree with me, then you have betrayed or bestowed your own confidence. As methods I have studied, I have conceded a small margin of error in my attempts. Many of the Christians are patrons to [white] magic; I am involved in the dark arts.


Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, I was taught this in psychology on steroids.


Educated and Godly as I am astute, I welcome a question of your own concern. Would you like my rebuttal, or would you be fixed on a converse disposition? Would you know in your mind that you are going to disagree?

Wealth abounds the lacking of judgement, fore the judge had not shown his face to the religious. Per the agnostic, the Master claims his reign. The Devil worshippers have a God, and dont let them tell you any different. This book of mine has professed my path to the power that’s innate, for me. I could not trade anything in the world for this potential, without my soul dying, or something else inside of me. I have studied many truths.

Notice that my words are independent of any higher power, today. Acknowledge that I am fixed on a position to claim, that I want each of you to agree with. Donald Trump in his 2016 presidency attempt is 69 years old. He inherited over $200 million dollars from his dad. He is not a genius, nor a prodigy, nor an overcome of any tribulation. Donald Trump is an example of money working its depth. Could you be satisfied if you had all the money you wanted? Or would you be looking for something else? If someone offered you “Everything you want in the Universe;everything”. Would you ask for enough? I know exactly what I want.

Numbers and math become more fluent with logic. Numbers of people, traffic, and commodities, are the only possibilities. Democracy, democracy, and democracy. It is fortunate to have such freedom. I know that if people were stripped of their liberties, then would find some things to be happy about: memories, collegiacy, labor and its fruits, and all that is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. There must be people that crave power for the right reasons, like me.

The men of peace, I have to ask, how long do you plan to be deprived, and whom is your benefactor? Revolutions, CIA, and KGB, you get what you see. What you know is probably correct.


Master H. W. A. O. D. Isom


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Perversion (Prose)

Play the Audio Dictation Per Version Prose!


\We people in life love all that live; this is perversion.
Only today, would we permit the non-beneficial and yet, be so blind as to perceive the beneficial as cantankerous. Considering, what is beneficial?

Only a pervert pursues altruism over personal benefit. Benefits benefitting benefiters is fitting; let’s be critical.

Deniro devil

Robert De Niro in, “Angel Heart” of 1987

Refuse remains, delusional stains; intrusions are blamed. Well-worded aversions alerted the merchants; the government’s working. Perks of perversion are frugal aversions; progression is certain.

Nature claims the future; the past stays to last. The righteous are CLEARLY perverted because their time neglects the mass. For death I raise the numbers, I pray this day will be. That I could host the lunch of my January decree.

Perverted you are, admit it. Your purity has a taint. For suredly scarred, committed, at large are minutes you desecrate. Defiled you are for sure, I hold the remedy [has the key]. Far from you am I for you know I’m the Master, I’m Me.

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Living in Real Life

Tonight, I hosted an event at the Towne Mall called, Cultural Awareness and Diversity, with Music. It was a public education event. Let me make this clear. I like to write. Not type inparticular, write. You know, writing. Pencils and pens on paper. Why do I mention this? I’ll get to that in a moment. My show was a success. Applauds and cheers abound myself and my performers. This was the hand I had in setting up the show:

  • I wrote the script and researched the data with hard facts; all sources cited.
  • I created a prop table tri-panel display for patrons.
  • I cleared the red-tape with the paperwork required for my performers and the mall venue. (Performer Liaison)
  • I set up all the equipment myself.
  • Layed out soundtrack background music for intros
  • Head of audio
  • head of video
  • personally performed four culture edifying songs
  • Host/announcer/Mc/narrator
  • stagehand

Of course it was my show, so all of this was what I wanted to do. I did the show because I felt the need to keep myself busy inbetween semesters and felt the need to give myself a more comprehensive responsibility. So what’s my gripe? My video feed did not come through fluent. My feed was disrupted a couple of times throughout the show. I used my back-up camera to record video from a tri-pod, and my entire event was not filmed. I feel slighted. I cant say, “hey check out my last show. It was great. I posted it online”. There was no possible way for me to supervise the filming while narrating, assisting, and performing. Still, I will supplement the lack of a fluent feed with tangible reports on the event from multiple aspects, for documentation.
This is repulsive. The very idea is less than me. I host a successful event and contribute to 100% of the coordination for booking and the overall success at the very respectable venue. Imagine that I feel I have to get on the internet, social media, and tell people about the success of my event. Think that I have to do this in order to seek some validation for what I know was a success and what I know actually occurred. The fact I do not have video footage (I haven’t yet looked to see what I actually got on film) to mean that I have to scrounge for proofs that I was even there. Me. Using my internet time to make an impression on people that arent a benefactor. I do wish that I had the video so that a potential benefactor could look at my previous works and feel comfortable backing me. Still, any investor worth their tongue in salt would read my reports I’ll put together documenting the event, along with some stills.

So the event was fine and beyond the cheers and aweful hastenings of attention, I was most pleased when a woman told me good job tonight and “I actually learned something”. She actually learned something. This proved the success for me. This was a public education event. Certainly, my acts and myself were entertaining to watch. The woman gaining some knowledge of our area’s diversity in culture by being at my event proves that my research and event hosting delivery was affective.

This thing called social media. I want to get online and enjoy myself. Or get on the internet and research, compile data, and fashion it into something entertaining or in otherways beneficial. The thought that I would need to not only keep my real-life goals an order of the day, but I would need to update social networks as a daily activity in order to make sure I don’t slip through the crevice of interpretive stature, is an insult to my actual person. I never had to try to be anything I am not. And for me to be all that I am and have to scrounge the afterbirth of my creative conceptions (video and photos that I have to take myself, for that matter) in order to have a say in a trendy conversation, or prove to people entertaining themselves online that I actually see my real face in the mirror, is less than me.

I appreciate the talents that were involved in my, Cultural Awareness and Diversity, with Music, event. I am also glad that the purpose of the event was instilled. People learned something. As another potential success looks up to me from this notebook with my signature in it, I conclude my message. I am glad to say somebody learned something at my event, most of all.

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Hours in A Day

Time is Inevitably Congruent

Crops pile in organized containers, while an athlete blitzes to a cone. The crop-toting truck soon departs from a port, while the driver buckles into an hour-long transit excursion. The athlete pivots and pushes toward another cone not too far away, watching the score-clock count down for his hour-long individual training session. In terms of congruency, both examples show different tasks being pursued within the same amount of time. The crops and truck analogy examples the stocking and shipping of necessary crops to a potential market place. The mentions of an athlete dashing from cone to cone shows that the athlete was training his agilities, so he be shown more dominant on his playing field or court. When goals, such as physical domination or meeting a predetermined quota exists, then courses of action are enacted in order to proceed most efficiently. As the Earth turns and generations inevitably age, there remain the same hours in a day.

      Of Malice and Men

My small city has a lot of historic monuments downtown. I recently discovered a proclivity towards history as a reasoning for today's economic functions.

My small city has a lot of historic monuments downtown. I recently discovered a faint fondness for history as a reasoning for today’s economic functions.

On a trek down one of the oldest streets in my city, I was nearing the mile mark on my two mile running course. I stopped near an old creek I used to fish at as a child, near the city’s flashy Courthouse. The robust creek shimmered with the freshness of post-rain splendor. Atop of the hillside bank, I saw one of the many historic markings that flourish throughout my city’s downtown area. I remain standing composed and not yet winded from running my course. The inscription on the placard before me, revered Samuel Haycraft (I used to live on Haycraft St. so I was more inquisitive than the usual). Haycraft was a Virginian migrant to the Kentucky region. In 1779’s winter, he and his array of former Pennsylvanians and Virginians migrated to and build post in the Ky city. The story was consistent with the tales of any renown 18th Century frontier pioneer, and perhaps the inaudible narrations of the writing had a modern-day twist. The author of the informative monument inscription made lite of, hastily referring to the native people who were intruded on by these migrants, as “menace”. I thought to myself the people that came into someones land from another state referred to the Native Americans in the area as menaces; that’s not right. Then I took a look over my left should at our city’s courthouse. A lot of things that aren’t right or just, have happened in there.

A Driving Motive

Most of the time, I’m busying myself with writing literature: books, poetry, music, etc. I’m certain that I’ll get into reading more again in the future, after sustaining a satisfying profession. Seemingly, I have rarely found that I don’t have the time to do things. A close friend of mine casually refers to time efficiency as,  staying vigilant. The first book I wrote, I did not write it to try and get rich. I wrote it because I was overwhelmed with the logic of a concept I had conceived. As most notable authors do not publish their first book, I have other plans for the book of non-fiction and political fantasy. The significance of my mentioning a book I wrote that I may not attempt to get published is because it shows that some events or creations in life are a stepping stone or prelude for greater ideas and things to come.

I revived a wounded turtle. He's now healthy and in his own environment.

This is the shy turtle I found. I later discovered that he was wounded.

I was coming down the home stretch  on my last tenth of a mile out of two miles, and I saw a turtle. I picked him up, wondering why he was on the side of the road such a long ways from the creek and even further from the reservoir. I immediately bought an aquarium and water treatments for the turtle. The weather was hot and he would have certainly starved to death or got shriveled in the beaming sun. I found later that the turtle had no right fingers and only a nub there; it also only had a fraction of one of its hind legs’ toes. He was hesitant to eat and adapt to his new captivity. Yet when provided with food and a healthy and safe environment the turtle had a choice: starve yourself or step down from stubborn; he chose to live.

Be Ready When Opportunity Presents Itself

Eventually the athlete dries his face with a towel and exits his practice arena,and the crop transporter has his truck unloaded in another city. The truck driver came to an entirely new environment to complete his task, while the athlete never left a 100 yd. grid-iron.

Jogging was a time and effort investment toward a goal that I am preparing for.

Jogging was a time and effort investment toward a goal of which I am preparing.

Both tasks were completed for the benefit of the individual operator, and both took the same amount of time. The inevitable is that our generations will age, and the things we individually do with our time will dictate our future destinations. So regardless of your inherent social or financial status or class, we all count the same Hours in A Day.

Master Isom

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Don’t Distort My Vision: Keeping Focus on Effecient Writing

There are different grades to writing. Some are more time consuming to write, and some are rather simple. Beyond writing an old memoir, writing can take a lot of focus, diligence, and patience. As I’ve gotten more serious about the prospect of becoming a professional writer, I’ve noted the factors that contribute to some of my most efficient spurts of writing: atmosphere, incentive, and experience. These factors account for the reasons why some of my writings excel more than others.

If you write frequently, you’ll notice that certain elements in your atmosphere may help you produce better works.

I’ve been writing poetry, and reciting them aloud (for leisure), since the second grade. Therefore, I am in my comfort zone when writing odes, or songs. As I continue to pursue mastery of the art of songwriting, other forms of writing such as writing lengthy novels, have become a pass-time for me. There are several ways to etch out a novel. Today, less and less authors actually write or scribe their books. The laptop and personal computer, in many cases, have become substitute for writing words on paper. The best way to polish your writing style is by trial and error. A scrupulous and discriminating review of a prior finished product can enhance your future publications. I have found, after countless hours of pleasureful writing, that it behooves me to write my outline and draft by hand before typing a draft to edit. In the process of translating the written words to a computer draft, I get to elaborate on my raw thoughts, or make them more concise. If I were to type my raw draft (without a hand writing on paper), edit, and then publish, I would be reviewing my rough draft less, and heightening the potential for a less polished publication. The writing of a draft by hand, is personally satisfying for me; like raising an organic garden.  A drawback to writing a book or literary work by hand, before translating to a typed document, is that the process can take twice as long if not longer. Setting daily quotas can help you finish your works in an efficient time, regardless if you are writing by hand, or typing.

The Practice of Writing Manuscripts on Paper is a Descending Art.

Some of my most fluent writing comes when I am not preoccupied with an entertainment. When I have days to myself at home, my days in retrospect, are almost scripted. Each room has a task, and a means to complete them. Each room caters to a goal that has been set, and I always reserve the right to engage in any immediate recreation that I choose. If I’m listening to my favorite playlist online or through my music box, then I am not going to be doing my best writing. The same goes for if I am watching T.V.. I have even noticed that the clarity and fluentness of my penmanship may digress if I am being entertained by audible media.

Control your environment, and make your writing experience your own.

So, if you’re planning on having some lengthy writing sessions, then put yourself in a relaxed atmosphere with minimal distractions; Implement meeting your goals as an incentive, and expanding from what you are most comfortable with, can help you become a better writer. Keeping distractions to a minimum during your writing time can keep your focus straight. Even if you don’t meet all of your daily goals, the persistent progress toward them reassures of a finished product in a timely manner. Keep your focus straight, and Don’t Distort MY Vision.

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The Seasoned Writer

Culture within an atmosphere dictates an observation. Meaning that the interactions of people vary from place to place and people’s actions depend on what resources and leisure are available in a particular region. In the study of sociology, people’s interactions and communications are key. People communicate differently according to race, location, heritage, financial status, and health. Often times, when people interact with people that have nothing in common, then the communication is undesired. The same does not go for writing.

Developing a writing style can enable a writer to diversify the content of his content. For example, when an author chooses to be a non-fiction novelists, he has a certain pride he takes in the way he intrigues the listener, maybe with personification, or palatable word choice. When the non-fiction writer has developed a seasoned writing style, he can incorporate his palatable word choice and personification into a fiction novel the same way a rich person could communicate with the poor.

Choosing to be a writer can be a dedicated and subsiding decision. Knowing the potency of a readers intrigue being satisfied may inspire a writer or the writer can merely enjoy the accomplishment of publication; being able to refer to an idea or the capturing of a thought during his reflection at reading. Writers gain inspiration at many inconvenient times to the writer and reading a reflection of his own conceiving can be instant gratification to the writer’s aspirations.

Being a seasoned writer can be determined by the reader’s interpretations. Just because a reader does not identify with a writer’s content does not mean the reader does not acknowledge the significance of the writing. Being a writer can make a distinction to one’s personal direction especially when writing of different things. To be able to write of an observation without conveying an omniscience can be the expertise of a fiction writer while the non-fiction novelist creates a perception for the reader to develop, based on facts and scientific possibilities.

So in any season, the seasoned writer can adapt to environments and convey his point as purpose. Many great writers remain unseasoned because of their taste was so channeled.

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