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Perversion (Prose)

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\We people in life love all that live; this is perversion.
Only today, would we permit the non-beneficial and yet, be so blind as to perceive the beneficial as cantankerous. Considering, what is beneficial?

Only a pervert pursues altruism over personal benefit. Benefits benefitting benefiters is fitting; let’s be critical.

Deniro devil

Robert De Niro in, “Angel Heart” of 1987

Refuse remains, delusional stains; intrusions are blamed. Well-worded aversions alerted the merchants; the government’s working. Perks of perversion are frugal aversions; progression is certain.

Nature claims the future; the past stays to last. The righteous are CLEARLY perverted because their time neglects the mass. For death I raise the numbers, I pray this day will be. That I could host the lunch of my January decree.

Perverted you are, admit it. Your purity has a taint. For suredly scarred, committed, at large are minutes you desecrate. Defiled you are for sure, I hold the remedy [has the key]. Far from you am I for you know I’m the Master, I’m Me.


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