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This Type of LEADER

My favorite historical figure to date is, Joseph Djughashvilli, or Joseph Stalin, the Man of Steel. I’m a highly charismatic and personable person; there’s nothing I could do to change that fact. I could call a butterfly a fish and prove how it could be one, yet I cannot change the make-up of any organism, neither can the media, nor can any objecting person.

I study dictatorship, prosperity of nations, and ‘coming to fruition’ stories, “all the led-long day”. As I had decreed in my political manifesto and first non-fiction novel, that Socialism is the least substantial form of government and that Communism is actually the beginning to provincial equality. The best thing a country could have is a sole dictator with the best interest of its’ people. A dictator for North America would progress the world at an unprecedented rate and help to unify the human race as a unit. However, I am posting to talk a bit about Joseph Stalin.


Joseph Stalin made the Cover of the USA Media Reporting journal, Time Magazine, Twice (while he was alive!)!!

I’m an excellent and rich entertainer, company, and conversationalist. At the premiere of this personal actualisation, I would ask people in my company whom was their favorite historical figure. I know that these can change upon newly retained knowledge. I was talking to a man very briefly and I liked his accent (it was Demitri Petrovsky-esque!). I asserted that I was a fan of Stalin, and he replied that Stalin murdered millions of his people and that he was from Poland. Interestingly, the man asserted that regardless of his personal historic losses, that the world needed a leader like Stalin. He told me that he liked “The man from the West [of there]”, of which I replied that I disagreed with the artists’ ideologies.

I KNOW where the world is headed, and I am going to do what is necessary to put myself in the position of this global leadership; I was built for this (I cannot change this fact). However, challenges arise and measures must be taken behind decisive instincts. I’d rather try to make the World better than watch it go to this bushwa Hell. I’ll be voting for Bernie Sanders for the 2016 election, because atleast he’s an astute and progressive Socialist. Donald Trump, I do not trust him. You can trust me.

The American Democracy for Social Independence of the Heartland

Managing Director

M. H. W. A. O. D. Isom





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