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My Eyes Decieve Me

Astronomy was a fascinating class; difficult, yet a satisfying finish. I learned about the phenomena of perceived sight as well as the minutely precisioned pivotal points of space telescopes, like the Hubble, called arcsecs. An arcsec is 1/3600 of a single degree angle.

This is a most-famous image taken from the ever-so slightly pivotal space telescope called, The Hubble Space Telescope. The resolution of this picture of distant galaxies was taken at 0.05 arcsecs.

When taking pictures, space telescopes have very fractional margin for movement, in consideration to their targets of photo that are often tens of 1000’s of light-years away. One false move, and blurry goes the picture. The human eye is enabled to perceive light from the sun. Without going into a chemistry (combustion/fission) and astro-spill, photons are produced by the sun. Humans do not see light merely. Humans receive protons in order to process light; this is the general scientific consensus of explaining human sight.

The Theory of Never Feeling Me (Rhymes with Theory of Relativity)

I could be fresh out of the shower, dressed up to produce an event, or maybe going to play golf. I’ll think to myself, “Hey. I look pretty good. Really good, actually.” Snap! A picture taken, maybe by my mom, a friend, sibling, or colleague. Sometimes I may say solicit the photo to be taken, “Hey, take a picture of me. I’m feeling pretty good.” Now here’s the phenomena. I look a these photos and often-times have snuffed. What happened? I could have sworn I looked like a quarter-million dollars. Whats with the down-grade? Let me check again. Okay, that’s me; there, in the mirror. And yes, I do look like a quarter-million bucks. I was telling some students at the University about my perplexing observation.

During my discussion:

Elementarily, the brain controls the functions of the body. So what controls the brain? I say the soul, intuition, or survivalists instinct. A student that is from the Magnet school, Gatton Academy, was chiming in on the conversation I was having with a lower classman. The Gatton student assumed that perhaps man could instinctively perceive himself to look better than actually, in order to encompass the courage to pursue a mate. This is a stifling assumption. I knew that my eyes were manipulating these ‘photons’ or nodes of enabled perception, yet I did not know why. How could I look so good in the mirror and not look as great in an actual photo? Do I look as handsome to other people? I could not know unless I draft a survey; the latter, I have not and will not (in order to spare my ego the blow!).

The Gatton Academy student had a great point. In 2014, a Gatton student score perfect on his/her SAT; truly for that student the sky is the limit. I doubt I was in his presence of feedback being that this student was still attending Gatton. Maybe someone else has experienced the phenomena I call, the Theory of Never Feeling Me. If so, let me know in the comment section.

Cal of Calamity


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