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My Need to Propagate

Understand, each and every one of you are going to buy into some belief; perhaps a system. I have a system, and a belief: The Human race is dominant and can flourish. What could divide this?- Racism, guile of motive, and lack of human discipline. I, Master Isom, am introducing a final way of life and mode of government operation. I know that we humans are capable of achieving what we set out to do. I also know that today’s technological distractions impact our World leaders. Why would a leader of a seemingly prosperous nation, tear down another rising, contributing nation? Us humans today in 2016 are not trusted enough to make this decision, yet, the Master has these capabilities.

Shall I bite my tongue, rise the rebellious opposition to human progression. My ideals are more application than theory. Natural selection permits certain people to rise above others. Can you refute this? Can you say that Ape DNA is so close to human that they have the same opportunities as humans? Is it not a fact that the inherent wealthy have a contention along with opportunities, and that the inherently financially stifled host the converse? I’ve yet to scribe this simplification, yet some bear witness to my logic in person (some were privileged in this manner).

I must influence the masses. I am a great orator. My personalism and charisma is uncanny, Godly, and serene. The opportunities that I come across, mean more to me than for others; that is why I perform extraordinarily. However, it is a fact that I have to have supporters, concerning my political gains. I want you to support me because of my logic and reasoning. Im faultless and guiltless; call this Godly. I still have desire for the same thing (World control), regardless of my current disposition. As rational humans, we all know that Democracy is a farce that was a bland European ideal by Monarchs, or the [children] of these Monarchs. Lets give control to a Master that grants permittance to ultimate human progression, and unrelenting punishment to the undeserved. I am fair, rational, patient, and charismatic. This is what a world leader should possess.

I am telling you the truth, so that you know that I am the right leader for the Earth today and the human race and their future.


Master H. W. A. O. D. Isom.


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The Seasoned Writer

Culture within an atmosphere dictates an observation. Meaning that the interactions of people vary from place to place and people’s actions depend on what resources and leisure are available in a particular region. In the study of sociology, people’s interactions and communications are key. People communicate differently according to race, location, heritage, financial status, and health. Often times, when people interact with people that have nothing in common, then the communication is undesired. The same does not go for writing.

Developing a writing style can enable a writer to diversify the content of his content. For example, when an author chooses to be a non-fiction novelists, he has a certain pride he takes in the way he intrigues the listener, maybe with personification, or palatable word choice. When the non-fiction writer has developed a seasoned writing style, he can incorporate his palatable word choice and personification into a fiction novel the same way a rich person could communicate with the poor.

Choosing to be a writer can be a dedicated and subsiding decision. Knowing the potency of a readers intrigue being satisfied may inspire a writer or the writer can merely enjoy the accomplishment of publication; being able to refer to an idea or the capturing of a thought during his reflection at reading. Writers gain inspiration at many inconvenient times to the writer and reading a reflection of his own conceiving can be instant gratification to the writer’s aspirations.

Being a seasoned writer can be determined by the reader’s interpretations. Just because a reader does not identify with a writer’s content does not mean the reader does not acknowledge the significance of the writing. Being a writer can make a distinction to one’s personal direction especially when writing of different things. To be able to write of an observation without conveying an omniscience can be the expertise of a fiction writer while the non-fiction novelist creates a perception for the reader to develop, based on facts and scientific possibilities.

So in any season, the seasoned writer can adapt to environments and convey his point as purpose. Many great writers remain unseasoned because of their taste was so channeled.

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